Thursday, 4 October 2012

Remove Glitter Polish: Peel off Base

Remember my Glitter gradient mani earlier this week?
Now there's a reason to rejoice!! I m no more afraid of glitter polishes!! Bring it on babiiee!!
Psst: I'll let you in on another way to remove it without using polish remover or acetone
(Click here to see another way I did this too using nail appliques.)
But now this is easy for people who dont have easy access to nail appliques.

So coming to the peel off base: Taaaa- Daaaaaaa!!!!
 Presenting: Fevicol!! or PVA glue.

Now I have seen this doing the rounds of blogs but I wanted to try it out myself.
so this aint an original me but I dunno who started this. But I do know this idea came of Essence's peel off base ^_^

I emptied out an old bottle of nail polish and the brush, cleaned it out with acetone and filled in fevicol.
Then apply a single layer of fevicol base, let it dry. 

This is how it dries out. With a shiny glistening finish. Applied a thin second coat and let it dry out.

Now dont rush to put water on ur nails else it will start turning into jelly/liquid again.
I've read it takes 24 hours for fevicol/pva glue to cure. Meaning it needs to set. after which it wont be soluble in water. Coz if that didnt happen all ur funiture would start falling apart when it comes in contact with water.
I've read that its reasonably safe to use coz thats why kids are allowed to use it.
However I prefer not to use my hands to eat when I do this.

Then proceed to attack ur nails with glitter!!
See my mani from earlier this week!

It stayed put for 5 days with hardly any tip wear.

After I got bored of the mani..T'was breeze to remove it.
Just use your own nails or an orange stick at the side and try to lift it.
It comes off super easy!!

I love love love fevicol ads! For those who dunno fevicol, its one of the largest selling glue and their ads are just awesome. A lot of them have won international awards. Here's one of them:

Lolzzz! Hope u enjoyed this post!


  1. i didnt knw abt this ... nice idea bt waiting 24hrs is a pain .. isnt it ... moreover its fevicol so we shld keep in mind all the time not to eat anything with tht hand... i wonder wht happen whn we apply on both hands :D :D

    1. Nothing much, you just use a spoon to eat!

    2. You dont have to wait for 24 hours! I let the glue dry say max half an hour and applied the polish. It works the same way you use nail polish. U eat food when u apply nail polish as well right?

    3. oh half an hour is gud... i can wait tht long without food :D... btw i got poshe and it looks as shiny as sv ..

  2. LOL I was about to do the same thing right now....I just got the fevicol tube and poured some of it on my palms :D

    1. :D knew u will jump in with all ur new glitter polishes..go on make me J! :p

  3. Atta Girl!!
    When I saw this somewhere I knew you will try it. Infact I was going to ask you about it the other day!:D

    And really! who hasnt played the 'my skin is peeling' (of course fevicol skin :P) game. Lets not be paranoid. Fevicol is pretty safe :P

  4. :D it totally works..u'll love to do ur accent nail with full-on glitter!!

  5. WOW, now that very smart trick

  6. smart trick !!! d pic where yr removing the glitter mani almost scared me coz i thght u broke yr nail or sumthin ... hehehe ..

  7. What a great idea, I have to buy fevicol in one of my trips, because we don't have any here :(

  8. This is amazing... After 5 days?! I've read so many bad reviews of this peel off basecoat.

  9. nice post.

  10. This post is awesome! This pva tip is really good, you mani is gorgeous and I freaking love the advert!! I swear Indian adverts are soo funny!! I love the cute kitkat ones with the adorable!


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