Wednesday, 10 October 2012

VioletBag Haul!

I realized that I have been hauling stuff left right and center but not done any haul posts!!
Ermmm maybe coz I dont want to feel too much guilt?? :D

So here's just a peek at my most recent haul:

I couple of year's ago I was feeling extremely frustrated that we werent getting konad stuff in India. I still fret over OPI and ChG not releasing their latest collections here but instead sending stuff from 2010 to India! But there is some respite atleast in terms of overall availability of things related to nail art. Thankfully now most of Konad stuff is quite easily available here.

VioletBag is one of the online shops in India to stock Konad and loads of other nail art related stuff. The offer COD (cash on delivery) and you can also earn reward points everytime you purchase from after the third purchase you can start redeeming points.

Of course they also have a nice collection of other stuff including make up, bags, accessories, perfumes et all. But I couldnt look past the nail section!! 

Here's what I hauled:

I was impressed with their service. For a long time I wanted to check out the Konad double sided stamper. Its easy to pick up small designs like a single flower without picking up any other design on the stamping plate. However after I placed my order, the next day a customer service exec called me up saying that item was not in stock. Eeeeekks! 
So I told them I dont mind waiting if they could procure it for me.  And they DiD!!! I received my order in 5 days. Well packed, with polishes wrapped separately in bubble wrap.

Who can resist Hello Kitty stickers..right? ^_^
If u want some here's the link. Click here

My double side stamper set!

Colorbar Neons and Konad stamping polishes. I couldnt see Colorbar's latest neon collection online in other sites. Only Violetbag had them.

Konad M85 image plate for stamping nail art

Cant wait to try these things!!!!

What have you hauled lately?

(pssst: my other hauls : I also got cheeky plates, Bundle Monster 3 plates, loads of BK holos, a few ChGs, a turkish holo glitter nail polish :Gold Rose brand, maybelline eye color tattoos, loads of clothes)Now I need a black glitter polish. Need to catch hold of someone coming back to India from US. Anybody reading this?) :D

(P.S.: I was provided a coupon to review the site, but opinions are my own and based on my experience)


  1. I still stand by what I said on twitter! :P
    I want to see all the others too. Where are they!!!! I like to punish myself!apparently! :P

    I like violet bag too.

  2. colorbar polishes looks vibrant... waiting for the swatches <3... i am in luv with indies these days :)

  3. Great haul. Love the design on the plate, I am curious how they will look on your nails!

  4. Awesome Nail art haul!! Kej I'm
    Just goin dizzy reading the list of stuff you hauled!! I love those neon colorbar polishes and stamping plates! Me want Them now!! * hugs*

    1. :) I hope u did some practise wit your new stamping set??

  5. Super haul. Btw, Colorbar has a black glitter. Did you check it out?

    1. :O I will not rest now till I find that!!!!! x_x

  6. So I had to wait for half an hour for this page to load before I could comment.

    I want to know what happened on twitter. Copy paste and email me the convo :D

    1. Get a faster connection! :p
      yeah sure will mail after I finish "all" my work ....Ever.

  7. nice haul !! i had good tym shoppin frm dis site !!

  8. Oh my god they have colorbar neons!!?!! Your blog is such a delight. I'm a nailart lover myself (a beginner) but its such a task to find any Indian blog dedicated to nailart. Ofcourse there are many firangi blogs but we don't have access to the products they have :(

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