Thursday, 30 August 2012

L'oreal Le Vernis: Midnight Mistress Swirling in Lush Tangerine: Swirls

I hope you've had a good week so far. Mine was so-so..and I have a couple of things I am looking forward to this weekend. 
Coming on to today's mani..

"At midnight the mistress swirled her Lush Tangerine drink with a long twirly cocktail stick and raised the glass to her luscious red lips." Errmmm thats how an M&B novel would sound with all these names in it. This is L'oreal's new collection of Le Vernis. If you want to read a review on these click here.
On my nails is: Midnight Mistress (pointer and ring finger) a darkened blue jelly polish that turns black at 2 coats. And Lush tangerine; a bright orange in creme finish. Both are smooth and non streaky.

Stamping plate: BM201
Stamping colours: Konad red and Konad White
Base Colour: L'oreal Le Vernis Midnight Mistress 701 and Lush Tangerine 303

I am pleasantly surprised how well this stamped. Only thing, the red didnt up as bright as I wanted it to show up on the Lush Tangerine, unless you went close. But I like the overall bright pop of colour. 

Liked it?

*Polish sent by PR for review. However opinions are my own.

Monday, 27 August 2012

L'oreal Color Riche: Macaron Noisette+ French manicure with a twist

Morning! or Rather Monday Morning! Sighhh!

In other news: my blog is at 791 followers!! Whoot! Whooot!!

Another piece of news: Have you seen the new range of L'oreal Color Riche Polishes?

From the brand: L’Oreal Paris has recently launched a new range of nail polishes called Color Riche Le Vernis with revolutionary nail technology to give perfect adherence, a smooth glide and a 7 day hold.  Additionally, the Diamond Reflexion Complex and high pigment concentration, gives you pure, intense color and brilliance like no other nail polish range. 
With 26 stunning shades, the L’Oreal Paris range has various bold hues that add spunk to your look, nude essential colours best suited for daily wear or a sophisticated look and dark, glamorous shades that are perfect for the alpha woman, each that will give you gorgeous, eye catching fingertips.

According to me: The range has some really nice shades with some very good smokey hues which are apt for fall season. Shades cover nice and sober as well as spunky and bright categories.

Here's a swatch of the shade: 102: Macaron Noisette

The name reminds me of:
Yeah you read my mind! Macarons!!! Yum Yum! The brand has been very creative with the names.

This shade: Macaron Noisette is a sheer nude beige with light golden shimmer which is only visible in a macro picture. The shimmer is very soft and not visible to naked eyes but gives the polish a nice sheen.
If you are looking for a nude polish, this one is really nice. Non streaky (*we need more polishes like these which are non streaky*). Goes opaque in 2 coats.
Dries pretty fast, I'd say less than 5 mins. Impressive.
The brush on these is surprisingly good, it has a slightly rounded tip at the edges and is flatter and wider then most Indian polishes I own. I really liked how the brush made the application really smooth.
Lasting power is also good: I have it on since 6 days now and there is no chipping, fading and tip wear is barely visible.

Price: Its a 5 ml bottle for Rs.225/-
Yes! Its tiny; at 2 coats per hand, this bottle may last me approx 3 uses at most.. and price-y if you ask me. For a 5 ml bottle at Rs.225/- this turns out pricey than OPI and China Glaze which retail in online stores between Rs.450-500/- for a 15 ml bottle. Do the math.
They Are Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free. 

I made a little french manicure with an twist.
I really liked how this mani came out. It's very formal, at the same very chic. It grabs attention and looks very sophisticated. I made a similar one last year with shades of blue.

Overall: I like the color a lot, finish is good, applies nicely and lasts long. Only a bit miffed about the price, but it is very good quality and 3free.

Like it?

*Polish sent by PR for review. However opinions are my own and for your benefit.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tutorial: Easy Square Nails

Have you always had round nails? Or Square?
I used to have round nails till about 7-8 years ago. Then once a manicurist made them square for me. Thats it I never looked back. Its waay more easy to maintain square nails than round.
At first I used to have trouble filing them square and making sure the edge was a straight line.
Till I read this somewhere that it easy to cut nails with a scissor.
Now it barely take me 5 mins to re-size and re-shape my nails.

If you have round nails I suggest you let them grow out till side edges are straight with the nail bed.
Take a scissor, place the lower end against the tip of your finger, keep it parallel to the nail base line and cut.

Before Cutting
After you cut with scissor, this is how your nails will look.
The edges and corners will be really sharp. So here's what you need to do.

Lightly file down at 45 degrees against the edge of the nail. File in one direction, lifting your file back and placing it at the top, not rubbing it up and down. You only need to file lightly, say 3-4 strokes (light) so that the edges of your nail are sealed. 
This will help against peeling and cracking from the edges. Dont file the nail down, you want to maintain the straight line formed by the scissor.

Now file at the corners to make them blunt. Again file in one direction for each corner. A few strokes should do it. 

And Ta-daaaaaa! 

Do you already do this or use another method to make your nails square? I'd like to know.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Inglot 320: Green Dot-ticure

Whassup! I am pretty bored these days..need to plan a trip or do something exciting.
Do you wanna see any tutorials on my blog? Is there anything that you would like to see more?
I need some new ideas, or maybe I just need new polishes and plates :D

What do you do when almost everything bores u? :-/

Coming back to my mani for today.
I have a new polish. Its Inglot's 320. Its a  little sheer pearly kind of finish.
This is 2 coats and I still have VNL (visible nail line)

Its a nice shade, but somehow I am not drawn to it.

Base: Inglot 320
Stamping Polish: Konad Purple
Stamping Plate: BM 209
Dots: Lakme gold and Streetwear Fuschia Pink
Topped wit SV

Would you suggest any other combo with this kinda green?
I had a hard time coming up with this. and I didnt wanna do the obvious black.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Independence Day Nail Art: Indian

Its India's 65th Independence day today!!
So I did one apt for the day:
Yes the tri-colour flag with the blue chakra (wheel)

Pointer: Faux OPI (similar to OPI Atomic Orange)
Colorbar: white
Green:Sinful color Envy

I cut corner on all the nails with the adjacent nail shade so as to get an effect of a waving flag.
I freehanded the chakra in acrylic blue colour with a brush.

Topped wit SV.
I really loved the final outcome...didnt plan it out this way..but yeah it turned out very nice.

Happy Independence day!! 

How do you like this mani?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Purple Crossroads:Kleancolor Holo Chrome layering

Hey Ya!
Quick post today. 

Base: OPI A Grape Fit
Layered it: Kleancolor Holo Chrome
Stamping Plate: Konad M64 
Stamping Colour: Konad White

Looks much more holo is person. But it is not a true holo yeah, it is holo glitter.
Contains silver round holo glitter and small blue hex glitter.

Have a good week!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to Remove Glitter Polish Easily..No not using Foil Claws!


Last post here, I said I discovered a way to use glitter polish without killing your cuticles in the removal process. I got quite a few curious people asking me about it and here's how:

Step 1: I have applied Nail appliques on my nails. Now I understand everyone doesnt apply nail appliques or use them often. But I suspect that even full nail stickers or full nail water decals will work equally well. This pic below is one where I have worn nail appliques for a 2 or 3 days. U can see the tips have worn off.
Incase u dont manage to lay your hands on Nail Appliques, Nail stickers or water decals are available at Born Pretty for resonably cheap price.
If u are not using nail appliques and if u use full nail stickers or decals I suggest u dont wait to wear that off. Just use them maybe when they are a day old, not very worn off.
Now apply your base polish for the glitter polish, preferably something that completely covers the nail appliques/sticker in one coat. I have used the sandy matt polish in blue.

Now apply the glitter polish as you like fully loaded or sparsely. Make sure you apply a couple of coats of top coat so that the glitter is smooth and set.
Did you feel that I had appliques under my glitter polish in the last post
It doesnt show and it didnt feel any different to me that I had multiple layers on my nails.

Now for the removal:
Since you have a base of nail appliques/stickers, there will be a clear edge at the side of your nails.
(this pic is 3 days after applying glitter you can see the tip has worn off).

Now use an orange stick or your nail and lift up the applique/sticker. Dont rip it off..just slowly lift the whole piece trying to lift it in a liner uniform manner from base to tip. or one side to the other.

See how it clearly lifts off without any stain or use of acetone :D
Do note: there is no use of force or pulling on nails when I do this.
This applique has stayed on my nails for almost 6 days. If you feel ur applique/sticker/decal is still very much firmly stuck on..just diped ur hands in warm water for a few minutes and try this. The applique/sticker has a base of glue and will peel of real easy. Wont damage ur nails.

Yes! I am baring my nails for the love of mine and ur cuticles!! As you see the only bits stuck are where the appliques had worn off and glue-y sticky remains of the base of the applique remain. This can be easily washed off with normal soap and water. Maybe just rub on your nails with soapy fingers a bit and wipe off with cloth/napkin.

And Ta-daaaa!!!  Because I've applied top coat, the applique and glitter polish has got set like a single piece. And made it easy to pull off.

A couple of points: 
  1. You may think that appliques may not look natural on your nails or may end up looking like artificial/acrylic nails on your hands. Not true! No No! Appliques fit perfectly on your nail and do not rise above your cuticle. 
  2. Nail Stickers crinkle up or become wrinkly? No problem. Since they dont need to be seen, they can become whatever they want. Just make sure the base polish you apply covers it up and glitter polish will go on smooth.
  3. Dont forget top coat. A top coat will harden the glitter polish and help it set with the nail applique/sticker. Will also make it easier to remove.
How do you like this idea!!?? I'd love to hear ur views on this!!
Let me know your comments or questions if u got any?

I'd prefer this method anyday over the foil claw method and save my cuticles.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Glitter Glitter on my Nails! Glitter Bomb!

 Happy Friendship Day to you allllll!!!
I have got to know a lot of people due to blogging and I am glad to know such nice ppl!
I dont want to get into talking names, coz this post may never end :p
But you all know who you are!! And u've made my life more fun!!
(This incl all tweeps, email spammers, FB followers and comment writers!)
So here's wishing you all a very HAPPY Friendship Day!!!

On my blog today is my first glitter bomb! And a big one at that.
I've always stayed away from glitter due to the painful task of removing them and killing your cuticles in the process (yeah I mean the foil claw method). I am clearly not a fan of that. But after seeing this new frenzy around indie glitter polishes and the bea-u-tiful pics across blogs, I couldnt resist.
Now Indie polishes are real hard to get hold off, so I got around to buying "Cosmic" from Jordana.

Yes! It know it is A LOT of glitter. I wanted to see how it looks/feels etc.

Base: Sandy-Matt Blue polish
Glitter polish: Jordana Cosmic 2 coats

I brought Jordana cosmic from BeautyJoint.
One bottle of 6ml costs around $2.99

Cosmic is packed with micro blue hex glitter and large chunky silver, blue and green hex

After a couple of days I got bored with my flashy nails and tried to add some interest by adding dots of various colours. It ended up looking even more boring. I think.... U?

Psssst: I discovered a way to remove glitter polish without killing your cuticles. Will post that soon.
Wait for it. :D Bwahahahahah!!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paisley Print: Indian Nail Art

This is my 100th Post!!!!
And I have  lovely mani to show ya!

Base: China Glaze Lemon Fizz
Topped with: Inglot Flakie XL7
I love love love how this looks!! 

Inglot XL 7 in the bottle

Stamping Plate: BM 315
Stamping Colours: Konad Purple, red, Black, Blue and Dark Blue.

Actually I had stamped the thumb with pink, but it was too pale so I stamped over it with dark blue which makes it look 3-D. Ahhh! I am soo proud of my stamping skillz today. I stamped it exactly over pink :D

Yay! for 100th post again!! Yay! Yay! Yay!