Sunday, 25 December 2016

Love Hearts

Heres one I did a around Oct and I think it turned out really cute!

Base: kbshimmer poppy kisses
Stamping plate: pueencosmetics geolover-02; accent bundlemonster XL-201; 
stamping polish : mundodeunas black and white

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Nail Art

Hello! I have got tons of unposted manis which I will soon try to post here.
Meanwhile all you lovely people have a Merry Christmas!!

Base: Masura Galaxy Collisions
Decals made with Various BM plates: (L to R)
BM S214, BMS220, BMS219 (middle and ring) and BMS216
stamped using Konad white and Filled in with various colours

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Shades of Wazowski

So who doesnt remember Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. A one eyed green spherical monster that everyone liked for being the best bud to Sulley. Dance Legend made a collection of duochrome polishes on these monsters and each is certainly desirable as the other. 

Base: Dance Legend Wazowski
Stamping Polish: Konad White
Stamping Plate: BM S104

Here's a swatch catching the duochrome shift in action

A full mani pic: 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Colorful Afro Nails

Did this one a while back..have a small backlog of manis to post from around September.
Then I got busy with packing for my trip and then the actual trip as around 2 weeks..then once i cme back there was a mountain load of clothes and household work to catch up on. So now u know where I was busy. Slowly trying to catch up on posting stuff here and getting things back to normal.
Thanks for sticking with me so far!

I instantly fell in love with moyou african plates when they released and grabbed them in their September offer. I always resisted buying moyou plates but the offer was too good to resist.

Base: Miss Claire A18 (pink), Blue: Dance legend 343, Yellow Dance legend 303
Stamping plate: Moyou Africa 02
Filled in decals with the same shades used on base
Stamping with mdu cream, yellow and aqua

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mirror Nails

I did these for my 2 week trip to Europe in September.
I loved the whole effect overall but I think I goofed up somewhere in my application as these didnt last me through my trip. Need some practice for gel application.

Base: Gel nails using Dance Legend Gel polishes and mirror pigment
Stamping plate: Moyou Fashionista 04
Stamping polish: Mdu Black

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Indian Independence Day Nail Art

Hello and Happy Indian Independence Day!
Hope you are all taking advantage of the long weekend here

These are my I-day nails for this year. 
I tried but couldn't think of something else fancy and water-marbling would have been apt with this combo but its a still a distant dream for here goes!

Base: ChG White On
Stamping plate: Uber Chic 2-02
Stamping with Mpolish Hottie  and MDU avocado
For accent: Used Angel nail studio candy vinyls with Zoya  Sunshine

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Glitter in My Veins

This one has made it to a bit of a story...
The Happy ending to the story was I got to name my first shade of polish!!Yay!
Its now called Carmine Jewel from Krizia *drumroll*

Heres a quick swatch of it before u see tons of more pics of my mani:

My choc-a-bloc-glitter-mani
Close up

Look at that holo!! Macro

Base: Krizia Carmine Jewel 
(yup I got to name it!! although I didn't make it or collaborate to make it)
Angel Nail Studio Droplet vinyls
Sponged on with Krizia Ms.Steele

Monday, 8 August 2016

Purple Gradient

Heres a nice gradient that I did using Picture Polish. The effect came out nice as if it was a thermal polish in-between it colour changing state.

Base: Picture Polish Grace
Sponged on with: PP Grace, Spring and Allure
For the Accent: I applied latex on the sides and sponged on the same polishes in reverse order
Then removed latex
All topped with hkgirl

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My First Watermarble

M so excited! for the first time I have something that closely resembles a wm on my nails and its topped with Fairy Dust!!
Yeah its a Faux WM and all credit goes to Born Pretty Store for this watermarble stamping plate (Item no 30336; link)

Base: China Glaze White Out
Stamped with Born Pretty L005 water marble design plate
Stamping polish : BP stamping polish #14 (item 22179 link)
Then I filled in the empty space with jelly colours in red, blue, pink, yellow and green. On the outer end of the stamp I sketched a couple more outlines with the stamping outline as a guide. 
Topped with HKgirl and then applied ChG fairy dust on top.

Heres a short video of swatches of all the images on paper on my IG feed (@nailartnthings):

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Tribal NailArt using Born Pretty BP-X05

Today I'll be reviewing the newly released Born pretty Store square plate BP-X05 (item #29978; link)

Base: Maybelline porcelain party, Sally hansen Black heart,
Stamping polish: Essence Stampy black; Accent: Mdu Neon yellow, Mdu Neon Pink (middle finger)
Decals filled with Models won Sun hat and MO Bikini

BP-X05  (item #29978; link) is part of their newly released plate this year. It has tribal type patterns in big sizes which will cover long and broad nails completely. The patterns stamp crisp and clear. I like this plate as you can also fill in colours and make very colourful decals like I did. 
I like these type patterns that are spaced out a bit and the base also show through. As with always I find born pretty plates good in quality and this comes with a thick sticker backing. Images are well etched and come out good.
This plate retails for $1.99 which is fairly nice and affordable price.

These are the stamping decals I made using this plate.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Spiral Illusion

Sometimes when it turns out right with Nail Vinyls I really like the result.
Base: Krizia Into the Blu (took ages to dry)
Vinyls: Twinkled-T Cyclone Variety Pack
Sally Hansen Dri-Fast Silver Sweep
Pointer and pinky finger freehanded with SH silver sweep

Here's a swatch of Krizia Into The Blu.
It took ages to dry..I bumped a nail after an hour and it still made a bad dent. It might be the humid weather here says the maker of krizia so we'll see how it goes post the monsoons here. Its a pretty blue with holo glitter but not as holo as I expected. Goes opaque in 2 coats.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Dance Legend Fallen Angel: Lace

Base: Dance Legend Fallen Angel
Stamping Plate: BP L-020 from Born Pretty Store
Stamping Polish: Essence Stampy Black

This is 2-3 coats opaque, Dries fast.
Has a very strong scatter holo effect. Practically Dazzles in glare.
Its a N@de base full of holo flakies. (see macro below to see what holo flakies are)

Just look at that Macro <3 p="">

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dance Legend Beautiful Lie

Base: Dance Legend Beautiful Lie; Pinkie-Models own Rose chrome
Nail Stickers on Middle and Ring Finger
Stamping from JQ 25 (pointer) JQ 13 (pinkie), using Essence Stampy white and MDU violet

Close up of DL beautiful lie
Its a beautiful purple filled with holo flakies. The flakies give a very vibrant rainbow in direct light and the effect is that of a scattered rainbow. 2-3 coats make it opaque. Dries fast.
The holo in this is much more pronounced than those of Picture polish scatter holos.
Here's a swatch of it in direct light to show you the holo:

A macro of Beautiful Lie

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bridal Lace Nail Art

Base: Unnamed local Polish (dupe to OPI purple with a purpose)
Stamping with M polish: Bells of Ireland
Stamping plate:Moyou Bridal Collection 06
Added chrome colour nail studs from Aliexpress

Monday, 18 July 2016

Illusion Nail Art

Wanted to try some illusion type nails. But it didnt turn out the way I had thought it should.

Base: China Glaze WhiteOut
Sponged with Models Own Bikini and Shades
Stamped with Essence Stampy Black
Stamping plate: Uber chic 5-03

Friday, 8 July 2016

Checkered Nails

This one got lost in my drafts: checks to match a dress I had worn for kiddo's annual day program early in the year

Base: China Glaze Recycle
Stamping plate: BP L-006
Stamped with Konad white
Added a few stripes of Revlon Holographic pearl over some lines

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Monsoon Dew

A short post today!

Base: Barry M Damson; sponged with Models Own Pitch Purple
Stamping plate: Uber Chic 9-02
Stamping polish: Essence Stampy white
All topped with HKgirl

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Holo Flowers: Born Pretty Stamping Polish #14 review

Today I am reviewing another stamping polish from the born pretty store.

This one is # 14 (item #22179 link)
Its a very bright pink shade leaning towards purple..and looks almost neon-nish. It stamps very nicely on both light and dark shades.  Easy to pick up and stamp too.
I wanted to try a very different combination to see how it would show up on a lighter base and this mani turned out better than I expected. The base shines through well and the stamping is crisp enough to make out a lacey design.

Base: Color club Cosmic Fate
Stamping plate: BPL-030
Stamping polish: Born Pretty Stamping Polish #14
Topped with HKgirl

 Lastly a swatch of CC Cosmic fate

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper Review

Most of last year I waited to lay my hands on some clear jelly stamper as it was touted to be one of the most revolutionary inventions of a stampaholic's life. Everyone went gaga over how logically simple solution this was for all the placement woes. I waited for long time as I didnt want to order a very expensive one and pay loads of shipping from big brands as most of my packages get stolen or lost in our postal system. And Born pretty store came to my rescue! They launched one of their own at a very affordable rate of $2.99. (link) (item # 24059)

This is how it looks with a translucent cylindrical body and diameter of around 2.8cms. They also have another variant in the purple handle. The stamper head is soft but not too squishy. and its really clear so you can see exactly where you want to place your design. 

I had a little trouble picking up the designs at first till a friend told me that I need to wash it with soap water. Thereafter it started working nicely. I somehow found that it tends to pick up better when I roll over the images and not when I stamp on it to pick up. I also found that its a little tricky to work with fast drying polishes like the Essence Stampy polish in black. It worked well with konad black and with other BPS stamping polishes. I am yet to try tihs with mdu stamping polishes. 
See below a few of the images I picked up using this stamper. 
It makes my life so much easy. No more issues of alignment or placement of images. You can exactly stamp as you want.

This is the mani I did using this stamper with the above image from BPL-028 Stamping plate.

Here are a few more images using this stamper:

here's another

This stamper comes with a translucent scraper (as below). Its handy if you want to carry it around but I find I am better used to scraping using an old plastic card.

Use my discount code: ARTX31 for discounts on the born pretty store.

PS. Stamper sent for an honest unbiased review