Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy new year!!!

This is my mani to ring in the new year!!
Somehow all I can focus on these days is Glitter and Shimmer and Bling!! Do you?
So I came up with this blingy number to brighten up my year.

The Base is a Miss Claire shade  E135. Its a Rose gold in foil.
Its a very pretty vibrant color. Miss Claire is a Korean brand and they claim this is a "one stroke polish" which I bought in the first place to check if it would stamp well. Nope it doesn't. I had to apply 2 coats to make it completely opaque.
Rose Gold is also one of my fav shades this season. I am searching for a watch in the same tone..any suggestions?

Stamped with Konad Black
Plates: XL B
I did manage to squish the stamp a bit on my lil finger..But it doesn't show at a normal length.
I chose this mesh kinda design as I wanted the base to show through.
I think it'll go well with a grey-black dress that I am wearing for new year's eve and accentuate with minimal accessories in rose gold.

I like'd to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May you all have a fantastic year ahead!
I also want you to know that I really appreciate your support for my blog!
Starting this blog has given me the much desired creative outlet in my life!!
A BIG thank you!!

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fun time!!

My husband's nieces came over for the weekend when I was doing my Santa Claus Mani. And they were like: "do ours also". Well how can I refuse when someone willingly offers fresh nails :D
Well tis the holiday season so they wanted christmas manis too (for showing off !!)
So here's what I did on LiL Miss 8:
Not entirely chrismassy..but her nails were really tiny to stamp/draw anything else

This christmas tree's on is on Miss 13:

And while they were posing Santa felt left out; so:

And here's the whole deal!!

I hope u enjoyed watching the pics!!

Monday, 26 December 2011

My Secret Santa(s)!!

This parcel arrived from a Nail Polish group I am part of on FB!!
The deal is you get to send presents to someone while someone sends to you. While both don't know who is getting from whom! Get it???!! Noo..? Chuck! Enjoy the pics while I enjoy the gifts!! :p
Mine was sent from the sweet gals at The Polish Lab: Ace and Allison!!

 There were these 2 packages inside with a sweet note!

This is aaaalllllll that was sent: (detailed pics below)

Blistex Lip balm, 2 minis from California Nails, A holiday Pack from OPI (Funky Dunkey and Greenwich Village), an ELF gloss, a WetNWild cream shadow pencil, a Nail file, LA art deco( black sparkles), a mini WetNWild polish, Barielle (brown sparkles)

Candles, a paris hilton perfume sample, shampoo/conditioner

A pair of socks, Nail foils

A pretty red stocking, candies/chocolates, chiclets, and tissues :p

I was overjoyed to receive their package and hopped around like a bunny for the rest of the day!!


Friday, 23 December 2011

Happpy Holly-days!!!

Tis' the season to be jolly! lala-la-la-laaa-la-la-la
I loved the Santa Claus mani soo much I decided to do another christmas mani.

This is a quick post since I have to rush to office.
Colours used:
Base: Sponged Colorbar exclusive white and colorbar silver
French tips: Streetwear Gold Mirror
Holly leaves: Free hand with Sinful colors: Envy
Top coat: Glittery silver
Cherry: small red stickers

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, 19 December 2011


Do you feel the festive spirit already??
Well I do and so does BLAB!!
One of my christmas nail art tutorials has featured in their blogs. Do check out!
Here's a sneak peak of what my design looks like.
But you need to visit here to check out how I made this. Its super fun and easy!!

Let me know how you like it!
And I would love to see your nails if you are going to try this! leave ur link when you do!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Nail Water Decals Tutorial: My Entry for Wiseshe Mega Mega Giveaway!

Hey Ya!
I recently did a water decal tutorial for Wiseshe's Mega Mega Giveaway.
Here is the final outcome of my tutorial. Click here to see the full tutorial.
I did the cuban tips in black just to bring a twist to the mani.

These are the Mega Mega Goodies up for grab!! Ohh..and its Open International!!

Do checkout out this Fab giveaway here. Open till 11th Jan 2012.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sapphire flowers

Hello Gal Pals!!
What did you do this weekend? I went out of town to a hill station nearby that grows strawberries!! :D
And the best thing there is Strawberries with cream. (Yum Yum! nom nom!). Enough drooling now!!
Coming back to Sapphire. On my nails today I am showing you Sally Hansen's Sturdy Sapphire. It is a very vibrant shimmering blue bordering on the tones of violet. 

The colour is sheer and a required 4 coats to build up. And I can still see a VNL (visible nail line).

Stamping plate: M76 (faux)
Stamping Colour: Konad Black
I added a few dots in silver for highlights.

How did you like this??
Stay posted: Coming up soon..My first ever Christmas Mani!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Green With Envy

Hola Chickas! 

Envy!! Hmm..thats something we all feel from time to time. Envy of full blown solitaire on your neighbors finger, a new polish that your favorite blogger gets her hands on; of a job promotion you thought you deserved. (Ahem..Well that would be screaming mad!!)
Today I am showing you a polish from Sinful colors: Envy.
This one if from my Canadian Haul and the first Sinful color np that I've have.
Its a bright warm green, and I was looking forward to try this particular shade even though green is not a color I am fond of. It applies smooth, has a nice bright undertone. 

The problem with this green was I could not find find any stamping colour that would show up on this.
I tried white, silver but they didn't work well. So then I layered this with a shimmering green polish (green gold shimmer in transparent jelly base) and the color turned to a brilliant shimmering green. Although it was not as bright as what the pic shows below, but I had to photograph it using flash as my camera refused to pick up the subtle hint of shimmer. 

Finally stamped it using M78 (fauxnad)  with Konad's special black.

How do you like it?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Mighty Giveaway!! (closed!!)

I am sooooo excited to announce my first ever giveaway!!
I am thankful to all of you for following my blog and for all the time you take out to read it.
As a token of my appreciation, I have gone over board with my first giveaway.

There will be 5 prizes in all!! In the interest of my followers I may add a few surprise prizes at the end. 

Please use the above picture to share on your blog or Facebook.
Water decals, Magnetic Polish with 2 magnets, 2 nail polishes, Striping tape and star shaped rhinestones
5x2 Dotting tools, Pink crackle polish, water decals, purple rhinestones, 3-D nail art stickers

Cuticle oil, Silver rhinestones, golden butterfly stick one, water decals,  Silver layering nail polish, French tip sticker guides
2 layering nail polishes, one stamping plate

One layering nail polish, 3-D stickers, French tip guides, blue rhinestone

A couple of things to note: 
-The polishes shown are not OPI, they are infact faux OPIs. I picked them up on my travels to far east asia and they were soo pretty I couldn't resist buying them.
All items are brand new.

Closes 5th Jan 2012.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

▓▒▓▒ Patchwork Quilt ▓▒▓▒

Hello Fellow Nail-bees!!
Ok First up! My blog has a 100 followers!!!
(Goes off to dance!)
Do keep a watch for my Mighty giveaway!
 Coming back to my post for today: Winter is setting in (except for Mumbai) and it reminds of a patchwork quilt I used to have as a child that I would snuggle into.
Today I am showing you a mani which I fell in love with instantly when I saw it on a blog. Also I have been doing alot of lot of stamping lately so I decided I should try some free hand and this weave pattern came to my mind first. Its quite easy as it only involves drawing lines.
I did this using a 2-way nail art pen in pink and white colour. One side is a small pen like point and other side is a long striping brush. Initially I tried using the pen side, but the colours wouldnt flow smoothly, So I used the other side and it applied perfectly in a single stroke.

It may look complicated, but is not so much.  Start with diagonal stripes half way down the nail in alternate colours with stripes as close to each other as possible. Only one needs a little patience when filling in the overlaps with the right colour to make a proper weave design.

Nail art pen

How do you like it?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Kleancolor swatches

Hi Ya!!
Since my last Kleancolor haul post, I've been getting many requests for swatches so here are most of them.

I couldn't decide which ones to do first, so I did all.
 Coming up first are the holos: I got Holo blue and Holo pink.
My first thoughts on these holos is that they aren't the proper holos that people are going gaga over. These are like shimmery, holo-ey suspended particles in a jelly base. Yet after 3-4 coats these did look good, but mind you they still aren't the holo-ey goodness that I am hunting for. (namely Ozotics, Nfu-Ohs, Glitter Gals, Gosh). The finish is good, the application decent. The smell of Kleancolors is a bit stronger than most polishes, so it would be better to apply them in well ventilated areas.

Up close and personal

I did try a few other metallics as a base and they are nothing to write home about. Mind you, some of them bleed and some left a horrible stain on my fingers (metallic pink). But there has been a lot of hoopla around them on blogger since they seem to be good as stamping polishes. They are.
Base: Kleancolor Holo Blue
Stamping color: Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire
Stamping plate: BM

Up next we got: Holo Pink
I loved the Holo Pink!!! 

Please excuse the sloppy stamping..its entirely my fault I couldn't let me hands be after stamping.
Tried to open a juice can.
Stamping Colours: Pointer Metallic Red
Middle: Metallic Fuschia 
Ring: Metallic Pink

Next in line are the Chunky Holos.
Again these are jelly based with loads of suspended flakes, shimmer etc.
These are best used as layering polishes. I didn't have the patience to apply each on all fingers, so these are mini-swatches of each.

Base: Ring- Colorama Black, 
Middle: Lakme D417; Freespirit 
Ring: Faux OPI purple
Pinkie: Revlon Top Speed: Mulberry

These are then layered with Kleancolors in the next pics.
Pointer: Chunky Holo Black
Middle: Chunky Holo Scarlett
Ring: Chunky Holo Chrome
Pinkie: Chunky Holo Fuchsia

I was stunned by how simply a layering polish can change the whole look of a polish. The general idea is to put a base which closely resembles the color of the jelly base of the layering polish. My pics don't do justice to any of the swatches. Hmm...maybe the chunky holo black is close..the shine keeps dancing around as you move your fingers. The holo Scarlett reminds me of many indian occasions I can carry this to. It is a sweet red, filled choc-a-block with shimmer. The holo chrome and Holo fuchsia are also quite nice. Although I wasn't very happy with my choice of base for Holo Fuchsia, the base was a muted pastel shade - a brighter creme would have suited better.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and help you choose the right colors if you plan to buy them. Please do comment on which ones you liked.

Also: does anybody know of a good/easy image editing software for my new Mac Air. Mr.Hubby recently gifted me one (yeaaaayyyy!!!! goes off to dance again!) and iPhoto doesn't  seem to like me. M struggling with my edits.

Till I see you next!! Ciao!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Beauty Joint Haul

Hi All,

I have a few haul posts coming up soon.
This is part of my haul from Beauty Joint. These polishes cost only $1.75. This haul contains one of my first holo polishes. I will be swatching and reviewing a few soon (let me know if you want a particular shade to be reviewed ). Meanwhile enjoy the pics.
(L to R) Metallic Pink, Metallic Red, Metallic Sapphire, Holo Blue, Holo Pink, Holo Chrome, Metallic Mango, Metallic Fuchsia
These metallics are supposed to be really good for stamping, which I am eager to test.

Chunky Holo Scarlet, Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Chunky Holo Black.

Anything you want to see first?

Monday, 7 November 2011

Oriental Express Art

Hi All,

Hope you are doing well. Well I am back from my holiday and full of fresh ideas and a "BIG" haul of nail stuff (post coming up soon after I sort out my bags). Meanwhile I wanted to put up this mani that I had while I was on my holiday. I didnt want to carry too much stuff to do my nails on my holiday as I knew my bags would be over-stuffed while returning. All I carried with me was a top coat and a few nail stickers. 
I already had on me this nude base with silver french tips that I left on for a few days and applied top coat after 2nd day so it lasted me another 2 days.

After 4 days I applied a few nail art stickers in black and white to create this classic oriental look.

This turned out to be quite eye-catching and I had people starring and following my hands. LOL!!
I did apply top coats every other day or after 2 days and this mani stuck with me for 8 days!! :o)

How did you like this?
Do follow my blog if you like what you see and leave your comments and thoughts below.
I love reading them