Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Krizia Maleficient Swatch and Geometric nail art

Another brilliant polish from Krizia enterprise

This one is called Maleficient; a powerful mysterious charcoal grey holo glitter. 
Below you can see how it shines in light. 
(intentional blurred pic else It was impossible to capture the holo)

A clear shot of the base.

A macro to make you go weak in your knees (ha!)

Base: Krizia Maleficient
Stamping plate: BM XL205
Stamping polish: Gosh metallic blue
Decal filled with Kirzia Barbie and Tinkerbell

Friday, 18 March 2016

Krizia Tinker Bell Swatch and Spring Nail Art

Here's another lovely polish from Krizia Enterprise.

Here's a blurred shot of the polish to capture the holo bling. Doesnt it look pretty?
The holo shines really bright in light. 

It made up of micro holo lime green glitter in a clear base.

2-3 coats gives full opacity. Gives a very strong scatter holo effect. As it dries its get a little gritty finish coz of the glitter. So you need a top coat to smoothen it out. The brush is like a big flat brush and I like those coz it helps to easy cover the nail in 2 glides. Its jam packed with glitter so removal will be tough. I prefer to use a peel off base coat under glitters like these. 
You can contact Krizia Enterprises on her FB page to buy them (link)

Here's a macro shot:

I wanted to do something really subtle on this base and didnt wanna do something all over it so I did this very see-through design stamping with a Konad metallic blue and it kind of looked more strong in real but in pics it doesnt show much in light as the top coat was reflecting much. So I struggled a bit with the pics to get it proper.

Finally figured a place to get the proper pic with out any glares.
Base: Krizia Tinker Bell
Stamping polish: Konad metallic blue
Stamping plate: Uber Chic Beauty 3-02
All topped with HKgirl

Winter Roses

I did this grey pink mani for a collab post in a FB group called When Colours Collide. Turned out to be very dainty. 

Base AEngland Jane Morris
Stamping plate: BM XL 205
Stamping polish: Mpolish Apple Blossom

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Krizia Barbie Swatch : Floral nails

Another stunning polish from Krizia Enterprise!

Base: Krizia Barbie
Stamping plate: Uber Chic 5-02
The accent flower decals were filled with Fun lacquer 24-Karat
Stamping polish: Konad black
All topped with HKgirl

Look at the holo!! Its a purposely taken blurred pic to capture the holo so you can see how blingy it is coz I had a hard time capturing the holo. Took 120 pics of the mani just to capture some holo :p

This one is called Barbie. Its a proper barbie type pink colour with a cool undertone. Barbie is a micro holo glitter in a clear base. It gives a very strong scatter holo effect.

I loved the whole holo glitter effect it gives. Yes now we have India's first proper scatter holo polish!!
It doesn't contain spectraflair holo but more like the effect you get from some of the first fun lacquer glitter holos. 
Decently priced at Rs.300/- for 10ml for these holo glitters and Rs.200/- for other creme based polishes. I think these are quite nicely priced to be budget friendly and claim to be 3-free. 
The cremes have been reported to water marble well too.
You can contact them on their FB page to buy (india only) and they will courier/speed post the stuff over to you (link). They also have a cuticle oil and a mani bomb in their line of products. The cuticle oil is very nice and I have tried it a few times. Yet to try the mani bomb though.
Here's a macro shot of Barbie.

Gorgeous isnt it?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Krizia Caberet Swatch: India's first indie polish

If you've followed me on Insta by now you'd know that India has its first Indie polish. A lovely brand called Krizia (FB page link); of course I couldnt resist and pick up some pretties while some were sent for review. Here's one called Caberet
Base: Krizia Caberet
Stamping plate: BM XL-206 and UCB 3-03
Stamping polish: Konad white and black
Its a pretty tomato red jelly with micro glitter. This below is 2 coats. 

This one bleeds a bit. I stamped a lace design using Konad white and applied HK girl top coat and the stamping turned a very orangey-red. Almost translucent. So then I had to stamp again with Konad black. So maybe if you get this one you should topcoat the base and then stamp over it if you are trying a light shade to stamp. While removing too it stained a bit; made my nails slightly pink. This was the only one of the 8 polishes I had a bleeding issue with rest all are fine. 
Krizia is a small entrepreneurial start up setting up shop in India. She ships via post/courier. Cremes and shimmers are priced at Rs.200/- while scattered holo glitters are priced at Rs.300/- (yeah wait for it! I said holo!!) She claims her polishes are 3 free but I did find them smelling a bit strong. Of the four I have tried so far they stayed on my nails on an average for 4 days. I am pretty impressed by this brand so far! She has a huge range of shades just as good as any Indian brand. Polishes stay well and the finishes are really good. They dry fast too. Krizia polishes were dry to touch after 5 mins. Though they take around 10-12 minutes to get rock hard. (I leave my first coat to dry for 10 mins). 

Cant wait to get my hands on some more shades.