Monday, 9 April 2018

Floral Nail Art

Its too hot here! Couldnt think of anything else but bright cheery florals.
Like waaaay bright.

Base: Chambor Gel finish 410 (white)
Stamping plate: Fun 16 
Stamping polish: MDU black
Filled in using stain glass colours from fevicryl
All topped with hkgirl

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Neon Summer

No I haven't abandoned my blog. But somehow a start of the new year always seems to bring other things into focus and my nails take a back seat. So this year my focus is on fitness, skin and hair among other things. I haven't been doing much nails but I did do a few manis which I hope to put up soon. And I also hope to get back to doing my nails regularly too.

So summer is here full on and its already crazy hot here and its just April. I am going crazy thinking how hot it is going to get in May. I did a bright in ur face neon mani to match the hot weather.

Base: Orly Gumdrop on pointer and little finger (beach cruiser used over it with striping tape)
Middle fingers: Orly Beach Cruiser over Glowstick

I couldnt get the shade of beach cruiser properly. Made my camera go all wonky. I even tried to colour correct and edit but didnt manage to catch it properly. 

I love how summery and bright this looks.