Saturday, 20 October 2018

Dussera Nail Art

Running late for this months themes but hoping to catch up soon!
Here's the third prompt: Dussera / dussehra nail art. For those of you who dont know its the day to celebrate Hindu god Rama's victory over Evil Demon Ravana. Or Victory of good over evil. Its considered a very auspicious day in India where new ventures or new things are bought.

Here's my mani for the occasion:

Base: OPI my vampire is Buff
Stamping plate: NM 01
Stamping polish: Mpolish I need a vacation, Essence black

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Unicorn Nail Art

Here's my unicorn mani for October's 2nd prompt:

Unicorn πŸ¦„

Pointer and Pinky: Pahlish Lantern Waste; 
Middle: Chambor 510; Decal Rainbow with an assortment different polishes
Ring finger: Knocked up nails french pink, filled in decal with chambor 510
stamping plate: Essence Stamp it; MDU black

Monday, 8 October 2018

Breast Cancer Support Nail Art

M back after a small break. I am again attempting October's nail art challenge for ILL's #back2nails 
This week's challenge is in support of breast cancer patients.

Base: Zoya Harper, Chambor 510
Stamping plate: BM 321
Stamping polish: Mdu Nabu

Here are the rest of the prompts for this month! Join me if possible!

See you soon!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Floral Nails using BPS Flower Yarn plate S002

Today prompt is Floral Nails for ill's #backtonails for September's last week prompt.
For today I choose to do my mani using Born Pretty Store's Square Flower Yarn S002
(item #43672; link ). I have always been wanting a layering stamping plate to play around with different combination of images. And this is the perfect plate to have handy.

Base: BPS holo Blue Love (item #42846)
Stamping Plate: BPS Flower Yarn S002
Stamping polish: El Corazon st-81 Bisque, MDU black, Essence stampy white
Stamped the flower base with Color club Miss Bliss
Topped with Hkgirl

The plate is for $1.99 which is very well priced and size is around 6cm*6cm. The image variety is good especially for layered stamping with flowers, butterflies and 3 full nail images. I find this plate really versatile and cute. The images picked up crisp and its really easy to do layered mani using a clear jelly stamper. I suddenly feel the need to own more layered plates. πŸ˜†

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Graduation Nail Art

This one's not part of any challenge. But part of personal milestones achieved.
Hubby is graduating in his Master's in Lighting Design from Wismar University, Germany today. 
I am sooper proud of his achievements!! Unfortinately me and my 5yr old son couldnt join him there today as our visa hasnt arrived yet πŸ˜’
But here's to many more πŸŽ‰πŸ†

Base: Chambor 510, Zoya Dream
Stamping plate: BM-H23, BM-401, BM-S305
Stamping Polish: MDU Black, DL Gold
some detail freehanded
All topped with HKgirl

So Yay!!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Colour Block Nail Art

Its colour block nails today for ILL's September #backtonails this week.

Here's my mani:

Base: Essence Yellow
Blocks with cello-tape using another Essence Magenta
(dont remember the shade names; i'll update later)
Topped using Hkgirl

Very Autumn appropriate.. don't you think?
Its inspired from a picture on Moyou's IG feed. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Born Pretty Store Holo Polish Blue Love

Hello! September is almost coming to an end. The year is just flying by. really!
Today I have a cute little polish from Born Pretty Store to show you.
BPS has really come out with very awesome range of holo polishes. 
On review here today is a blue holo polish called Blue Love (BP RR-07 #42846; link) from their Rose road series in Deluxe holographic range of polish. 

In sunlight
in artificial light
I loved how holo the polish is, its not a very linear holo nor is it too scattered. The blue shade is also very flattering on my skin tone. The polish in this range come in 10 cute shades and I had a hard time picking one. Bottle size is 6 ml for $7. I find it's a bit pricey for this size but the quality is good. One thick coat is sufficiently opaque. But I've used 2 coats in my pics above out of habit. The polish dried fairly quickly in 5 mins. Overall I quite like this polish and considering that I don't get any real holo polish locally I am very pleased that BPS has got good holo polishes now. My packaged reached me in 15 days after shipping.

Polish sent for review. It is my honest, unbiased opinion.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Smoosh Nails

Today is the 2nd prompt for ILL #back2nails weekly challenge for September.
And todays prompt is smoosh base.

And then all hell broke loose as I attempted to make some "art" over this πŸ˜‚
Have a look but be warned. Staring at this can give you headache.
My nails became an 80's psychedelic disco.

Base: Chambor White 510
Smoosh Base: Juice polish 68, 71, 82
Stamping plate: Lina Feeling Shapely 05
Stamping Polish Essence White stampy polish. Miss claire A18
All topped with hkgirl

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Negative Space Nail Art

Its September already!
And I am doing the ILL September #back2nails challenge too. The first prompt for september is negative space and here's my mani.

Base: Zoya Tomoko, Maybelline blackout
Striping tape
HK girl top coat

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Lace Nails

Its the fifth and last prompt of ILL's #back2nails challenge for August.
Feels good to be regular again!

The theme for this week is Laces and I looove lace nails!

Base: Models Own mirror chrome Indigo
Stamping plate: Major Dijit 01
Stamping polish: MDU black

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Reciprocal Gradient Nail Art

Today is the 4th promptfor ILL's #back2nails challenge and its gradient this week.
I thought that i'll try something new this time.

Base: Chambor 510
Gradient with Barry M grapefruit
Used stripe vinyls for doing the gradient
I didnt manage to catch the colour correctly for Barry M coz its one of those tricky coral hues that makes ur camera go red or berserk pink.
But hope u guys liked the design. Me thinks it came out much neater than i expected.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Independence Day Nails

Happy to say I've so far stuck to my weekly challenge for ILL #back2nails.
This is the third week on and todays prompt is Independence day! Indian one today.

Here's my mani:

Base: Chambor White 510
Gradient: Loreal 303, chambor 510 and Lakme Going green
Stamping plate: Uber chic 1-01, 9-01
Stamping polish: MDU Iris

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Monotone Nail Art

Feels good to get back to doing some nails!
Today is the second prompt for the #back2nails challenge for ILL
(follow me on Insta if you dont already @nailartnthings )

For today's monotone challenge I've gone with my favourite colour Purple πŸ’œ

Base: Models own Pitch Purple
Stamping plate: Pueen Visual Wonderland 01
Stamping polish Kaleidoscope St-84- Manatee
Topped with HKgirl

Here's a swatch of the base from Models Own:

Pitch Purple

Gorgeous probably the darkest purple I have in my stash.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Polka Dot Nail Art

Hello! long break huh? if you guys are still reading blogs then welcome back.
Although at this point writing a nail art blog seems pointless as instagram pretty much covers what I put up on this blog but I'd still like to write it as my nail art diary. And also the fact that instagram isnt good at coming up nicely in google searches when I want to look back or search a mani.

Just to get you guys to catch up if you dont follow me on insta yet, I took a couple of trips and now back at home recovering from jet lag. Trying to put my hauls and bags in place, sorting home stuff.

Meanwhile I do realise how much polish I've hoarded over the past few years and its time I catch up and get back to doing manis as it truly makes me happy. So me and a few friends have joined in to start a small nail art challenge as a means to get #back2nails . Its a weekly post, no rushing, simple themes. The whole idea is to get started with our manis. Would love if you guys join.

Check out @indianlacquerlovers on instagram for the challenge and join us.

The prompt for this week is Polka! and I love it!

Base: Opi I'm not really a waitress
Stamping plate: OB5 and KD3
Stamping polish: MDU pastel yellow

Swatch of the Base: OPI i'm not really a waitress

Monday, 9 April 2018

Floral Nail Art

Its too hot here! Couldnt think of anything else but bright cheery florals.
Like waaaay bright.

Base: Chambor Gel finish 410 (white)
Stamping plate: Fun 16 
Stamping polish: MDU black
Filled in using stain glass colours from fevicryl
All topped with hkgirl

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Neon Summer

No I haven't abandoned my blog. But somehow a start of the new year always seems to bring other things into focus and my nails take a back seat. So this year my focus is on fitness, skin and hair among other things. I haven't been doing much nails but I did do a few manis which I hope to put up soon. And I also hope to get back to doing my nails regularly too.

So summer is here full on and its already crazy hot here and its just April. I am going crazy thinking how hot it is going to get in May. I did a bright in ur face neon mani to match the hot weather.

Base: Orly Gumdrop on pointer and little finger (beach cruiser used over it with striping tape)
Middle fingers: Orly Beach Cruiser over Glowstick

I couldnt get the shade of beach cruiser properly. Made my camera go all wonky. I even tried to colour correct and edit but didnt manage to catch it properly. 

I love how summery and bright this looks. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Vintage Floral Nail Art

This one turned out quite nice. I had seen a swatch of Masura Mint Milk and it stuck to my head. Kind of broke my no-buy and got it coz it wouldnt get out of my head. 
Its a very delicate looking scattered holo in mint shade with blue undertones.
Its similar to salt water from Picture polish but a bit more mint than blue.

Base: Masura Mint Milk
Stamping with MDU white
Stamping plate: Lina Feeling shapely 05
Floral decals from IG store @nailart_nailsfiesta

Swatch of Masura Mint

Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year Nails

I did this mani for NYE!
Took a small trip out of town to a mahabaleshwar; a nearby hill station for a few days.
Kiddo really enjoys that place πŸ’—

Base: Gosh metallic gold; topped with Kbshimmer I Feel Gourd-geous; 
added a few bits of Kbshimmer diamond on the middle and ring finger; 
Black: sally hansen black heart;
Stamping plate: Bundlemonster s211, s212; 
Fireworks: different polishes from Krizia 
Stamping polish: DL silver, mdu black; 

the thumb pic is slight hazy but it had some nice details and holo

Added KBshimmer diamond around the stamp