Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gradient Nails!!

Good morning! Today I read on an friend's FB status: "When was the last time you did something for the first time." And I thought "now". Since my nails had grown long and though I am dying to try out one of the full nail designs from BM, I thought they might still fall short. So I decided  to try out gradient nails that I have seen on you tube and other blogs.
I used three colours in different shades of pink and one in magenta; applied using a piece of makeup sponge.
Started dabbing the lightest pink on one third of my nail and followed the same with darker ones. The third pink though I had to dab twice as it wasn't opaque enough. Lastly followed by magenta.
Finally I stamped the ring and thumb with butterfly on BM 222 in Konad special black and topped it of with a glitter top coat. Though this is my first trial using the sponge technique and I was very skeptical that it wouldn't come out neat...I must say I am quite happy with the result. What do you think?

Do leave your feedback and comments.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Konad 1: Me 0

I was soooo excited to try my konading skills! Had to attend a nephew's birthday party in the evening; thought I'd show off a bit. :D
Never did I realise how wrong I was. Within the next half an hour, I was ready to pull my hair out. I applied base coat and topped it with revlon top speed in mulberry. Thought I'd do something nice and sober so even old aunts could appreciate. Selected BM 209 and BM 202 with the hearts theme in my mind. <3 <3 <3
Right about then somebody (up there) decided she's having too much fun, now's my turn. Started with the thumb, and it went crooked. The pointer smudged, the middle did not stamp completely(and got smudged), the pinkie didnt wanna get stamped and the heart design on the ring finger had a mind of its own (had to redo it 3 times). 
The other hand was even worse. Lets not get into that. One hour later this is what I got!!
Thankfully nobody at the party noticed it as it was dark. (whew!)
One question though: does anybody find the konad black special polish more runny than white? Any of you know any other black polish that stamps better than this one? Any tips on applying full nail stamps?

Please drop in your feedback.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My First Haul!!

I have got my new bundle monster plates! that a friend kindly brought for me from US. Although one BM plate was damaged, they have agreed to replace the same.
Damaged piece

Here's my new set of special polishes: basic ones; nothing fancy (silver, hot pink, blue pearl, black, yellow, red and violet pearl)

Cant wait to try out my new set and polishes! Any suggestions on which plate/design to try first from the new BM set?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Star sprinkle!

Base coat: ColorBar Exclusive 018
Stamp Plate: Konad M82
Stamping Polish: Konad special polish white
Dark Blue rim: Colorama Marinho

Loved this base colour, more like teal.
Here in India, we dont have many options in terms of choice of brands.
The common ones are: lakme, L'oreal, Colorama (introduced recently), revlon, maybelline are some of the more common ones. Others like OPI and China glaze though available at salons are quite expensive at around $10. Havent seen Zoya, nubar, sally hansen and the others in our market yet. Also konad plates and stamps are not easily available. My mom got me mine from a trip to US.
Have ordered for a set of Bundle monster new plates which should arrive soon (fingers crossed).
Until then goodbye and tc.

Comments on my blog/nail art are most welcome.

Hot Pink Leopard

This one is my best so far. 
Base coat: Miss Claire 062
Image plate: Konad M57
Stamping polish: Glaze black (discontinued)
Silver dots from and old Revlon quick dry

Just feeling too lazy to clean up the excess design outside the nails. Pls ignore that.

Spring time!

Any tips or comments on photography or nail art are welcome.

Pretty pink

My first attempt.
I wanted to start with something small and simple.

Do let me know your comments.