Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pink Brown DuoChrome Nail Polish + BM 208 Nail Art

Now these kind of polishes caused quite a frenzy, following the holo nail polish trend.
Duo Chrome: means they reflect a different shade in different angles of light.
I got this and a few others from a recent trip and now I know why this caused such a stir.
Have a look for yourself!

Can you see pink and golden-brown shimmer?

I have layered this on a dark brown base. And I have a feeling that this will show up differently on a black or dark purple base.

I tried hard but I couldnt capture the colour shift exactly..but the shades are pretty much close.
I was trying to capture when my entire nails looked only pink and only gold-brown. But you can still see different shades on each nail in the above pic

Base: DuoChrome Pink-Brown Polish layered over brown
Stamping Plate: BM 208
Stamping Polish: Lakme Gold

Do like DuoChrome Polishes??

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Friday, 22 June 2012

China Glaze: Tantalize Me + Konad M82

Tantalize meeee!! Thats exactly what this polish does!!!!
LOL! Mentally okay!

Back In December I had Won Peaches and Blush giveaway sponsored by 
Although I had won a blush and 3 orlys..most of the orlys I wanted were sold out. So Chetana (owner at Stylecraze) generously agreed to swap them for China Glaze which she had ordered to come.
China Glaze was not available in India then and Chetana tried her best to get them to India.
But..everything that could go wrong went wrong with her shipment..and she finally managed to get them in May! Promptly she sent me the list of shades available and me and my twitterati gal friends spent a whole day narrowing them down to three! Whew!! That was a hard job I tell u!! How can one choose 3 from all the fantabulous shades of China Glaze???? 
These are the three we finally selected and were promptly shipped to me. Thanks Chetana!!

First up is Tantalize Me!! It is one of the sweetest shades of pink-purple with a blue-ey pearl finish.
The bottle looked like it was duo-chrome..but doesnt show much on nails.
Opaque in 2 coats, slightly streaky..but really slightly. Lasted a good 5 days on me.

Base : China Glaze Tantalize Me
Stamping Plate:Konad M82
Stamping Polish: Konad Black

Aren't you Tantalized already??

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nail Polish Strips or Appliqués

Hi, I am back from my trip and got loads of nail goodies as usual!!

Today I have nail strips or Nail appliqués to show ya.
What are these? These are strips of actual nail polish also called Nail Appliqués or Nail wraps/strips.
These are an easy fun way of instantly popping up your nails. No time for polish to dry, no special skills required for nail art, no messy stamping and clean up!! And yes no worries about both hand nails not looking same.
Yes! this is that simple!
And these are much much better than those plastic-ky full nail stickers or nail decals.

A box has various sizes of strips so no need to worry about size. There is also a small nail file and an orange stick. There are instructions on the back.

Make sure you push the cuticle back on your nails before you start. Cut one strip as per the size of your nail base.

The strip has protective plastic sheet both on top and below it.

Just align the strip with the base of your nail and gently press down till the tip and on each side.
No worries if you have a small wrinkle you can just pull up a small bit and lay it flat. These strips are stretchy coz there are made of nail polish. So no worries about wrinkly nails!!

See how smooth the surface is!!! And it has micro glitter!

It fits well on the nail too! doesnt feel unnatural like a sticker sitting on your nail.
What I was afraid was, that it will just slide off after I take a shower or wash my hands. But this did not budge. It stayed put for 4 days with minimal tip wear. Removing is just as easy. I just pulled mine off like stickers with a little effort. But you can also just as well use nail polish remover and wipe it off.

I loved this houndstooth design! It actually had micro glitter and I had no trouble taking it off!
Cant wait to show you the other nail strips I got...and some even have diamontè/stones.

I got loads of extras so if you need some please contact me. (Within India only!)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Crackle Nail Polish: In or Out?

Everyone's quite over crackle polish..yes I know.
But I sometimes like to wear it for funky-do..or just for the shock effect!
Eeeeyyaaoowza! what that on your nails?..go people who dont know about it. LOL!

I think it depends on how you wear it and when you wear it.
Its definitely not something for office..atleast not mine.

I know a few people who dont like this trend at aallll.
I think its fun once a while especially when you wear it with a bit differently.

A neonish Orange base topped with Sally Hansen "Distressed Denim"
I just randomly swiped the brush in different directions.
Looks halloween-y....doesnt it?

This one has a slight twist.
I've alternated the crackle top coat and done a bit of layering on the base.

Base: Sinful Colours Green + green shimmer layering polish
Crackle top coat: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Shock + Vintage Violet 

 If you have crackle polishes stuffed give a try with a twist.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ethnic Indian Nail Art + Viviana Colour Ecstacy

I am outta town for a few days..and this is a scheduled post.
On my nails today is Viviana's Colour Ecstacy (or Esctasy? M always confused.
Its a creme polish in red-brown, brick colour.

 Application was very smooth and dried fast in 5 mins. Goes Opaque in 2 coats.
Started chipping in 2 days though.
On its own this shade is not very attractive unless u intentionally match it with something on ur outfit/accessory. It looked a bit dull..very terracotta types. So I spruced it up with a bright yellow.

Base: Viviana Colour Esctacy
Stamping Polish: Konad yellow
Stamping Plate: Red Angel (RA) 102
Added dots in acrylic pearl blue using dotting tool

Does it look ethnic indian to you?
Some people told me it's ethnic looking (meaning gujju..LOL!)

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*Disclaimer: Polish sent by brand for review. Opinions are my own.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Stamping Polishes: Non Konads

I did an experiment..*think: lab coat, big cold lab, and loads of polishes to splatter!!*
Yeah I had fun!! I have stamped most some polishes I have to check if they stamp well or no.
If some of these dont work for you..jus leave them open under a fan/open room for half an hour and try again. I have stamped them over a white page with black stripes of acrylic paint. For shades that wouldnt show over black..I have used Revlon's Top Speed polish as a base (pink). 
You got any questions..pls leave a comment at the end of the post..and I'll answer.
To see my tutorial on Nail Art stamping: Click here

Colorama Black: Is slightly runny, but stamps decent, specially over bright colours
Colorama Dark Blue (Marinho): Its transparent, runny, doesnt show too well, but shows on white


Colobar 21 Mulberry: Too pale, doesnt show
Colobar 09 Icy Silver: Shows well on dark and bright colours
Colorbar 37 White: Shows well on dark..but not too well on bright..kinda ok ok

Colorbar: 18 (mint green): I'd give this a miss as a stamping polish

Lakme Metallics: 040 (gold) Shows well on dark and light colours..but maybe u'll need thick designs for this to show on light bases
Lakme 01 Color crush: This is slightly paler gold as compared to 040 Metallics..but stamps similar to it
Streetwear Golden Mirror 03: Stamps well too. Click here to see how it stamps on red
(Pls dont ask me why I have soo many golds..I still have another Non indian brands..I bought them all to test for stamping. I've heard the Konad Gold is not good.)

Lakme Metallics 241: This one is a bronze metallic. Shows well over white.. See this post
Lakme Twilight Mauve: Meh...If u ask me..give it a miss. However its a pretty base here

Lakme: D417 Freespirit from Manish Malhotra collection: Stamps really well over light bases

Streetwear Fuchsia Pink: This is similar to Konads Psyche Pink..kinda Meh...
Streetwear Violet Divine: Seems to show well on white and right bases, looks slight transparent..I m yet to use it as a stamping polish.(will update)
Streetwear Blue Bell: No no..unless u like pale blue on stark white

Revlon Top Speed: Mulberry 59: I like how it looks pastel pink on the white base
Lotus herbal: Cozy Mulberry: Nope..Doesnt work as stamping polish

Hope this helps.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pink Zebra + Lakme Nail Polish Purple Fix

How was ur week so far?
Mine wasnt I had a bit of throat infection..though I m much better now and travelling outta town tomorrow for some days. 

On my nails today I got Purple Fix from Lakme's Fast & Fabulous range. This is a nice bright purple shade..has micro blue shimmer.
I was very hopeful as the bottle looked duo-chrome, but it a'int. Dries fast in a little above 5 mins, 2 coats: Opaque. Stayed for 3 days without chipping.

Stamped with the thick zebra design on OB 8 Image plate

Base: Lakme Fast and Fabulous Purple Fix
Stamping Plate: OB8
Stamping Polish: Sandy-Matt kinda finish..unbranded from my trip to Hong Kong
I am amazed at how well these polishes stamp

Off to work! Have a good week ahead!

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*Polish sent by brand for review. Opinion is mine.

Monday, 4 June 2012

1 year Blog anniversary: Hello Kitty Nail Image Plate Giveaway

Sometime in end of May 2012, my blog has turned 1 year old.

I am superrr happy and extremely thankful for your dedicated following and encouragement and inspiration. As a token of gratitude..I am having this small tini-tiny giveaway.
I know its really tiny, but i thot instead of making a big one..I shud have a few small everybody has a chance to win some.
Though I really want to get all emotional and senti-mental about this..I am reaaaally late for office :p

Pls: note it is Open from 4th June to 30th June 2012.
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Thank you all!!!!

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