Friday, 11 April 2014

Freshy Minty Skittle-y Nail Art

Title? Don't ask!
I put all my energy and creativity in the mani so had nothing left in my head to rack about for a title. Hehe.

(Pic in direct sun) 

Base : Chg refresh mint
Pointer: stamped with konad pastel pink using Cheeky CH6
Middle finger: Chg white out stamped with konad black using BM 423
Ring: Ch nail matty gold in sandy finish

Below pic in shade:

Say you like it. Ok pls!

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I had been wanting to post this since sometime back but kept forgetting.
I had ordered these a year back but then got preggie and busy like crazy so here goes. Better late than never. Wat say?

Here are the Rules 
(open to Indian postal addresses only. If you stay abroad and can have this sent to someone you know in India then you can participate):

  1. Comment on this post. Say which shade you like the most.
  2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin (Bloglovin button on the right column)
  3. Like my FB page https:///NailArt.and.Things (see right column)
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  5. Share the FB post in which you tagged your friends on your FB timeline and tag me there with this tag @NailArt.and.Things 

I will choose 3 winners on 8th May 2014 (thats my birthday!)
Winners will be chosen based on the maximum people you have tagged in FB.

You can see some swatches here.
These one of my most favourite polishes!!! and hard to get your hands on!!

Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stamping decals nail art: Advance stamping technique

I tried. It's been on my list for sooooo long to make stamping decals but the whole idea seems to be just quite long.

Here's my trial:

I m not too happy with this. It turned out crinkled and didn't seem to stick well. Yeah my nails kinda dried by the time I reached my ring finger. So I have a few edges poking out despite TC.

But on the positive I think the combo was nice. Don't you?

Have you tried decals? If so would you know why mine crinkled? Tell me.