Friday, 30 May 2014

Of half moons and striped French

There is still excitement abuzz about the newly launched maybelline polishes. I am eyeing quite a few other shades.
Meanwhile to entice us more Maybelline has sponsored a few contests to win some of the new polishes. And this is my entry to the contest hosted by 

I have been thinking about trying something other than stamping. And I went through my stash of nail art stuff and picked a couple of things and ended up doing this. 

Base: maybelline colorshow blackout
Design: maybelline colorshow bold gold

I am totally in love with the mani. Simple. Chic. Completely wearable and classy.

Gonna try more of non stamping stuff when I have some time on my hands again. Surprisingly this didn't take much time to do either. 

Loving it!! Do you?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Circles and Dots: Simple Stamping Nail Art

A quick mani post my swatches of the new maybelline glitter mania nail polishes.

Just plain old stamping.
Using the pueen buffet plates and a miss Claire dark grey that stamps really well.

Love how the maybelline glitter mania shimmers even in indirect light.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

First impression: Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Polish

I got quite excited to see that Maybelline was finally launching some of their exciting range of polishes here in India. Although I had hoped I would be able to see their polka dot collection first but they released the glitter mania range. These are also knows as Sequins in US and UK. 

*warning: Rant Ahead* 
There has been no PR info from the brand on these other than some event they had held today for a few bloggers. Curiosity got the better of me and I headed to my fav shop in the neighbourhood knowing it was too soon for them to have it already... But they had!!! sometimes these PR people can be quite funny. They chase nail bloggers to review beauty products but won't contact a nail blogger for a nail polish release. Eeessssh!! Ok. rant over!

Here's my first impression of this range. There are 8 shades in this range. 
Gold, Silver, pinkish-red, lavender, champagne pink, periwinkle blue, dark purple, darker pink and a black with silver glitter.
These are not actual names of the shades. Remember there was no PR info.

I bought 2 of them. Champagne pink and  Bling on the Blue. 
(Pics without topcoat)

These are not textured polishes. They are densely packed with micro glitter and small silver hex glitter. So you will feel a gritty texture which can be smoothed out by a top coat. 
I have applied one medium coat and dabbed in a few places where the brush seemed to remove polish. The polish applies smooth but it seems to clump on the brush..hence need to dab a bit. It's slightly sheer and you can see the nail line in some pics. I think 2 coats would make it quite opaque.

Bling on Blue: is a periwinkle blue micro glitter with small silver hex glitter. 
Champagne Pink: it's a light pink micro glitter with small silver hex glitters.

Will update on the staying power when they start to chip.


Price: Rs.125/-

I think they are good at this price but I wish they had more shades in this range.
 Would have loved to see a pure ruby red and turquoise blue in this range.

Are you buying them?

*polishes purchased by me

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dainty Nail Art

Here's a mani I did at 1am the night before a short trip out of town sitting in a passage area in my house in the dead of the night. Passage area coz all rooms were occupied we had guests over. I had to had to do a mani coz I couldn't leave town with bare nails :D 


Base Chg Periwinkle
Stamping plate BM 023 (new version)
Stamping polish: Konad White

Have you ever "had to do" a mani?