Saturday, 24 June 2017

Summer Florals

Been quite busy with home renovations. Barely found time for manis. Although I did make a very nice space to store up all my nail stuff. You can head over to my IG and check the storage (@nailartnthings)

Here's one I managed last week. Very bright and fun.

Base: Dance Legend Through the Glass
Stamping Plate: Moyou Flower power 04
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas White, dots with Chg red'y to rave
All topped with hkgirl

Swatch pics of DL Through the glass below with 3 coats.
in sunlight

in shade

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Abstract nail art using Born Pretty BPL-054

I am back after a long break...getting my house redone consumes most of my time and energy along with a jumping bouncing toddler. I have a few unposted manis from the last 3 months but havent really had the time to even do them. Hopefully they'll be posted here sometime.

On a whim I bought this matt nail polish from an Indian brand called Nykaa. They are new entrants to the market coming up with their own range of cosmetics which is exciting to see apart of the same old repeated stuff that most of the other indian brands come out with.

Here's a mani I did with it:

Base: Nykaa Matt Milk Chocolate
Stamping plate: BPL-054
Stamping polish: MDU black and white;
filled in some lines using black and white normal polish
Top coat: HKgirl and inglot matt top coat

I love this plate from born pretty plate BPL-054 (link item no: #36312). It has lovely abstract designs that can be layers or filled with polish or make decals. The designs fit well on my nail and they also show the base polish well. I did not have any problems with stamping as the plates are etched well. 
This sells for around $2.6 which is really reasonable for a big rectangle plate.

Swatch of nykaa milk chocolate: it goes really well on my hands as a classy skin toned matt polish.