Friday, 28 June 2019

Cupcake Apple-y Ever After

Been hunting for a red linear holo polish for a looong looong time (in peppa pig's accent; thats what you get when kiddo is hooked to peppa all day). Anyways I got a couple of red holos by now. You see I tend to go overboard with one lemming incase I dont find it again. Next on my list is a linear holo orange.
Base: Cupcake Polish Apple-y ever after
Stamping Plate: ZZ Abstractos 2 (from MDU)
Stamping Polish: MDU white

I need to add that though I did buy a bunch of plates from MDU I am not happy with the quality at all. They dont transfer well and when you rub off polish in between stamping the cotton seems to get stuck in tiny corners of the design. This is based on using a couple of plates now. so read a few reviews before you buy some (or more if you are trying to economise shipping costs like me)

Here's a swatch of CC Apple-y Ever After on it own. Gorgeous isnt it?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Soft Summer Nail Art

Base: Zoya Avril
Stamping Plate: Moyra Florality 3 (plate 41)
Stamping Polish: Kaleidoscope St-84 Manatee

 Tried to put some rhinestones for a bit of glam.

Swatch Of Zoya Avril.. soo soothing!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

BPS Gel stamping Polish - Waning Moon

I used to never do gel polish as I mostly need to change my polish every 2-3 days. But when I am travelling that doesnt work. I dont like to end up lugging around all my nail stuff plus mostly you dont get the time to sit and do manis. Thats when I got interested in gels and since then have gathered quite some gel stuff. Earlier I have done manis with normal stamping polish on gel but I was quite interested when I saw gel stamping polishes. I finally got around to trying one and its quite nice. 

Base: BPS 1 step gel 6051 (item # 40881-6051)
Stamping Polish: BP-GS03 Waning Moon (#45881)
Stamping plate: Nicole Diary Overprint plate L-03 (#46228)

The stamping polish is in shade Waning Moon. Its a very light gold and stamps really well. Pickup is much better than a regular stamping polish 😲
It comes sealed in a small round box priced at $2.59 after discount (link) and they have many colour options to choose from. I am really impressed how well they stamp as these are gel they do not dry off immediately like normal polish and so pick up is really good. If you do gel nails I'd definitely recommend using these instead of normal stamping polish. 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Born Pretty Overprint Plate L071

Since quite some time I had wanted to do a layered mani but didnt have a good plate. So when BPS sent me this layering plate L-071 I was quite pleased. This plate can be found by searching #45858 on the site or you can click this link

This plate retails for $2.99 and there are many combinations of natural leaves, trees, butterflies birds and flowers on the plate. It is very versatile in the sense you can layer 2-3 things on a nail to create depth and colour. Below I have tried a few combinations and swatched them on paper you give you an idea of how other images look like.

Base: Models Own Turquoise Sea

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Born Pretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Hello Hello -wello! 
I love all things shiny and holo-ey! And when BPS came out with this stamper I had to have it in my collection. So I called for it as soon as I could. The stamper is available of the BPS site (#45934; link

The stamper body has a nice tapered cylindrical body which is easy to hold. The stamper head is medium soft. Not too squishy. It comes with option to have clear head or holo head. I choose the head with holo flakies in it. These flakies however do not bother the function of a transparent stamper; though one might have slight difficulty if trying to do layered stamping. Stamper retails for $2.99 and is a reasonable buy at this price.

As you can see below the image pick up is very sharp and crisp.