Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chic pink

Took a long break didn't I?
Although I haven't really gone anywhere I've just been lazy to post. 
Instagram seems quite convenient as compared to blogging and I see most bloggers happily taking to that. But as most of them I too still love my blog more so let's keep it alive.

Here's a mani I did a few months ago.

Base: Miss Claire A18 (that's the name they gave this pretty shade). It seems to have become my go to favourite for a bright pink.
Accent fingers: Maybelline All that Glitters from their glitter mania range.
Stamping plate: OB38 stamped with maybelline bold gold. 
The studs are from born pretty store.

Trying to finish my backlog of unposted manis here's one I did. But am not fond of it. Something about the combo put me off.

While I love the glitter top coat called Pride by 27 polish. Bought this a couple years ago from their etsy store. I think the  yellow stamping on grey base didn't turn out as I imagined.
Base: china glaze white out and recycle
Glitter top coat: Pride by twenty seven polish.
Stamping polish: konad yellow
Stamping plate: BM 201
All topped with SV.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Starry gradient nail art

Gradient nails are super easy and fun and I keep making mental notes of the different combinations I want to try. One of them is this metallic gradient going from champagne gold to bronze-y brown.

Base: miss claire champagne gold (it actually has no shade name, just a number), Maybelline bold gold, Lakme metallics 241 and chg chiaroscuro.
Stamped with Konad black using Pueen 44.
Topped with Girl HK tc.

The below pic is before clean up but I just wanted to capture the base gradient. It would work really well for parties as well as normal day to day base coz it's not too blingy.

See ya soon with another mani.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Striping tape nail art and two more!

Wanted to try out striping nails since a long time. And had some new polishes to try as well. Plus gradients always look so good. And the result is this:

 Base: maybelline color show constant candy: a nice baby pink with mild shimmers but was streaky. 
Added some striping tape in random manner.
Sponged: Faces sand coat in oatmeal raisin. 

I love how this turned out.. Quite interesting and did grab a few eyeballs with random strangers asking me if those were some new kind of nail stickers or stick on nails. Hehe!

Meanwhile a niece-nephew twin duo had come to stay over a couple of days. While the nephew was happy watching oggy and the cockroaches (yikes!! Yes that's what cartoons are called these days) the niece was bored so I did my usual stuff on her too. See.

Cute nails right?

And meanwhile a friend was getting married and I offered to do her nails too. 
I wanted to do a very intricate kind of design.. But after I saw her hands full of the traditional Indian henna (Mehndi) I decided to keep it bold but simple.

 Whew! Long post I know. 
See ya soon.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Glittering flowers: KBShimmer Get Clover it

Here's a polish I was completely smitten with. I had to yes... "Had to" have it. So when My friend Dhara placed a group order on Harlow that was I could ask for. KBShimmer's Get Clover It. So I could get over it.. Get it?

I left it alone for a couple of days by which I had enough people asking me if they can borrow it to apply on their nails. It dances in the light like a glittering green forest filled with jade stones and gold nuggets. No kidding!! So on the third day I had cover some of the goodness.

I stamped it using Fun IV and maybelline colorshow Bold Gold.

Here's a swatch on its own.

Do you have to "have it" now? Huh.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Abstract Aztec Nail Art using Inglot Flakies

Another Day another mani.
This one is something I really liked. 

Base is a dusty aqua blue polish from Rock Topia given to me by the awesome Good lack Nail. 
Topped with an Inglot Flakie that was topped with a matt tc
Stamped with A 53 plate using konad blue. 

I just love the effect of matt tc on flakies. Don't you?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mickey nails for 1st Bday

Mickey and friends Theme Party!!! Go with mickey theme nails. That's right they do.

Here's the cake for the occasion:

Yeah that's what I had on my hands for my little one's first birthday last month.

Base: P2 oh so cool topped with ChG Dorothy Who
Some free hand and some stamping added here and there for the other elements.
Was thinking of adding a few other elements for Donald, goofy and Pluto but wasn't able to.

Can you believe it's a year already!!!!???

Monday, 14 July 2014

Cute and quirky: Glitter and Stamping Nail Art

Something cute and quirky!
Have gathered some nice new polishes and most remain untried so will be trying them out in next few manis.

Base W7 Mosaic
Accent: stamping with a Jessica polish in purple (has no name)
Stamping plate: A43
Topped with SV

Catch u soon!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Floral Nails

Another floral mani! 
Mostly I don't like flowery stuff on myself. But these days I am drawn to these dainty curvy floral designs and there are some really good ones in my collection.

Base: bourjois beige destination
Stamping polish: konad white
Stamping plates: BM 419 and BM H23 for accent

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Laces and a Rose: my birthday mani


Long past my birthday but I have a few unposted manis now. I do take the pics but don't get around to editing them and actually writing a post. Hope to catch up soon on that. 

Here's my birthday mani:

Base: gradient (can't recollect the polishes)
Used: pueen 27 and accent using a rose from pueen 73 from buffet collection
Stamped using konad black

Was busy the past month arranging a birthday bash for kiddo. He turned 1!!!
Lot more work to arrange a birthday than what I anticipated. But the party was ROCKING!!! 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Of half moons and striped French

There is still excitement abuzz about the newly launched maybelline polishes. I am eyeing quite a few other shades.
Meanwhile to entice us more Maybelline has sponsored a few contests to win some of the new polishes. And this is my entry to the contest hosted by 

I have been thinking about trying something other than stamping. And I went through my stash of nail art stuff and picked a couple of things and ended up doing this. 

Base: maybelline colorshow blackout
Design: maybelline colorshow bold gold

I am totally in love with the mani. Simple. Chic. Completely wearable and classy.

Gonna try more of non stamping stuff when I have some time on my hands again. Surprisingly this didn't take much time to do either. 

Loving it!! Do you?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Circles and Dots: Simple Stamping Nail Art

A quick mani post my swatches of the new maybelline glitter mania nail polishes.

Just plain old stamping.
Using the pueen buffet plates and a miss Claire dark grey that stamps really well.

Love how the maybelline glitter mania shimmers even in indirect light.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

First impression: Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Polish

I got quite excited to see that Maybelline was finally launching some of their exciting range of polishes here in India. Although I had hoped I would be able to see their polka dot collection first but they released the glitter mania range. These are also knows as Sequins in US and UK. 

*warning: Rant Ahead* 
There has been no PR info from the brand on these other than some event they had held today for a few bloggers. Curiosity got the better of me and I headed to my fav shop in the neighbourhood knowing it was too soon for them to have it already... But they had!!! sometimes these PR people can be quite funny. They chase nail bloggers to review beauty products but won't contact a nail blogger for a nail polish release. Eeessssh!! Ok. rant over!

Here's my first impression of this range. There are 8 shades in this range. 
Gold, Silver, pinkish-red, lavender, champagne pink, periwinkle blue, dark purple, darker pink and a black with silver glitter.
These are not actual names of the shades. Remember there was no PR info.

I bought 2 of them. Champagne pink and  Bling on the Blue. 
(Pics without topcoat)

These are not textured polishes. They are densely packed with micro glitter and small silver hex glitter. So you will feel a gritty texture which can be smoothed out by a top coat. 
I have applied one medium coat and dabbed in a few places where the brush seemed to remove polish. The polish applies smooth but it seems to clump on the brush..hence need to dab a bit. It's slightly sheer and you can see the nail line in some pics. I think 2 coats would make it quite opaque.

Bling on Blue: is a periwinkle blue micro glitter with small silver hex glitter. 
Champagne Pink: it's a light pink micro glitter with small silver hex glitters.

Will update on the staying power when they start to chip.


Price: Rs.125/-

I think they are good at this price but I wish they had more shades in this range.
 Would have loved to see a pure ruby red and turquoise blue in this range.

Are you buying them?

*polishes purchased by me

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dainty Nail Art

Here's a mani I did at 1am the night before a short trip out of town sitting in a passage area in my house in the dead of the night. Passage area coz all rooms were occupied we had guests over. I had to had to do a mani coz I couldn't leave town with bare nails :D 


Base Chg Periwinkle
Stamping plate BM 023 (new version)
Stamping polish: Konad White

Have you ever "had to do" a mani?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Freshy Minty Skittle-y Nail Art

Title? Don't ask!
I put all my energy and creativity in the mani so had nothing left in my head to rack about for a title. Hehe.

(Pic in direct sun) 

Base : Chg refresh mint
Pointer: stamped with konad pastel pink using Cheeky CH6
Middle finger: Chg white out stamped with konad black using BM 423
Ring: Ch nail matty gold in sandy finish

Below pic in shade:

Say you like it. Ok pls!

PS: Dont forget to enter my giveaway here



I had been wanting to post this since sometime back but kept forgetting.
I had ordered these a year back but then got preggie and busy like crazy so here goes. Better late than never. Wat say?

Here are the Rules 
(open to Indian postal addresses only. If you stay abroad and can have this sent to someone you know in India then you can participate):

  1. Comment on this post. Say which shade you like the most.
  2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin (Bloglovin button on the right column)
  3. Like my FB page https:///NailArt.and.Things (see right column)
  4. Go to my FB page and Tag 5 friends on this post --> Link .
  5. Share the FB post in which you tagged your friends on your FB timeline and tag me there with this tag @NailArt.and.Things 

I will choose 3 winners on 8th May 2014 (thats my birthday!)
Winners will be chosen based on the maximum people you have tagged in FB.

You can see some swatches here.
These one of my most favourite polishes!!! and hard to get your hands on!!

Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stamping decals nail art: Advance stamping technique

I tried. It's been on my list for sooooo long to make stamping decals but the whole idea seems to be just quite long.

Here's my trial:

I m not too happy with this. It turned out crinkled and didn't seem to stick well. Yeah my nails kinda dried by the time I reached my ring finger. So I have a few edges poking out despite TC.

But on the positive I think the combo was nice. Don't you?

Have you tried decals? If so would you know why mine crinkled? Tell me.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Vintage Nail Art

Of late all I get in my head is girly cutesy nail art ideas. So well..

Base: ChG Secret Peri-winkle
Stamping plate OB-M and Cheeky 6
Stamping colors: konad pastel pink and white
Highlight : Acrylic colors
Top Coat SV

I stamped the bouquet from OB-M and highlighted the flowers and leaves by free handing some acrylic with the guidance of the stamped design. The effect came out quite nice.

Hope you liked it?
Is there any idea that keeps coming to your mind?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holi Nail Art: Neon Grunge Nail Art

Happy Holi!!

Holi is a color filled Indian festival where people put colored powder dry or mixed in water on each other and drench them in water. So the end effect is people so colourful that they are barely recognised. Also it has a mythical story of good winning over evil as most Indian festivals have.

I am just using this day as an excuse to paint my nails WILD!! 

I first saw this grunge nail technique on Chalkboard Nail by Sarah. And I was smitten by the effect on her nails. 

It hasn't come out so well in the pics I think but it's an eye catcher in real.

Base: an unbranded white polish
For the grunge effect I used: color bar neons and a black nail art polish with a stripper brush.

For the accent I stamped colorbar neons using BM 416 stamping in different directions for each polish. And topped it using a black white glitter topper.

Here's the mani before the topper.

Happy Holi! Play safe!
And Save Water!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Lakme Fashion Week'14 and swatches of new polish collection


Couple of days ago I was able to attend the Lakme Fashion Week at Grand Hyatt. I was mostly keen to see the new collection of polish and of course the fashion shows.

They had a salon right there at the event where you could get a complete makeover by their artists and a nail bar as well.

I went there with a couple of my cousins and we had a great time taking selfies (like really loads!!!) and gawking at some of the celebs there.

This was the display of their newest collection "illusion". On the lines of a metallic theme.

Here's a swatch of the polishes on my cousins hand.
(Pinky to pointer: fantasy, ethereal, illusion and desire)

The polishes are quite sheer but had loads of shimmer. The shades weren't really interesting to me.

On the other hand I swatches their eye crayons and was quite impressed by them.

(From top to down: white, grey, Purple, Olive, Dark green (not too sure of this shade name), Copper (not too sure of this name either) and blue. There were a couple more that I saw later on an MUA's table, one in a light pink too.

They are very smooth awesomely pigmented and non smudging. But at 750/- a piece I am not running to buy them coz rimmel has them at 400/- I think. 

We attended 2 shows and some of them had really nice collection for the spring season. A couple of the new lot of young fashion designers focused on pastel hues which I think might be a hit this season and a refreshing change from the neons.

So it was a day well spent with loads of fun and laughter.