Friday, 27 September 2013

Simple festive nail art

Nothing too fancy today. Just a lil twist to a plain mani.

The red is something I picked from my moms stash though I doubt she had ever opened it.
the gold is a chambor jewel nail polish no.12. Mom said dad picked this Chambor for her when he went to a shop and she couldnt find a decent polish in her stash. I went chweet!
Wore this to an indian baby shower function for a relative.

Someone once told me these are called brazilian tips.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Holo Leopard Print

Another easy to do nail art. only dotting tools required.

BK holo polish. Strangely the gold polish turned slightly pink to a champagne shade in sun light.

Everytime I apply holo polish, I cant stop staring at my nails.
 Like it?

Friday, 20 September 2013

Four Fountains Spa visit

Girls just wanna have fun! So you go shopping till you are dead tired and then end up at a spa to get "untired".

That's just what I did. Went out shopping for my little one. Had to buy a few basics and some nice clothes since he has started to outgrow some of the older ones a bit. Then between all the shopping, feeding, diaper changing, I got tired. So I walked in to the Four Fountains Spa at malad near one of the biggest malls we have here in mumbai. 


I was nicely greeted upon my arrival and given a menu of the various services provided by the spa. I was asked a few questions regarding my medical history and some routine things. They were kind enough to explain to me since I had recently had surgery it was not advisable to do certain kinds of massages just yet. So they suggested I take the relaxing aromatherapy massage as I would benefit from it since they saw I am a new mom lugging my kiddo around with me.

They gave me a short tour of the 6 different rooms in the spa while a room was being prepared for my spa therapy. There is a small locker in each room to keep your valuables and cell phones.
These are the different names of each room depending on the therapy you are gonna be doing.

interiors of the place

My room

Locker and the aromatherapy oils

My therapist Ms.Anjana politely explained what the therapy would be and how long it would take. After changing into disposable clothes provided by the spa my massage started. The ambience was really soothing with dimmed lights, cool temperature and soothing instrumental music playing in the background. She started by wiping my feet with a washcloth and light massage strokes starting from my back, moving on to neck, shoulders and arms. 

There is something about the hands of massage therapists. They feel so warm, smooth and light that they seem to take away the tiredness out of your body with each stroke. Finally she massaged by legs and flipped me over and worked her way up with torso, arms and shoulders and finished with a few flicks on my head.

After the massage was over I took a shower in the adjoining bathroom. Overall the rooms and bathroom was very well maintained and quite hygienic. And this is coming from me, someone who gets OCD-ish about taking a shower in any place that's not my home. 

On a different note: 
I kept worrying a bit about what if my baby woke up and needed me coz I had left out with my mum. And she assured me that if needed they wud bring him to me but I must completely relax and not worry about him. Now that really took the  tension of my head and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thankfully my baby behaved well and only got up after I got done.
Also hubby had a spa session at the same time since he was travelling about the country the past few weeks and needed a good spa session. He was also pleased with the service he got. He had selected an hour long swedish spa (Rs.1699/- paid by us) done by a male therapist and was quite pleased with the service.

Price wise the spa is a little pricey with an hour long massages starting at Rs.1700/- ( check prices here) but is well worth the ambience and the service. If you are a tired of your daily routine life and just need to unwind I seriously suggest a spa therapy a month would do you good. (or if u r a new mum like must make time for yourself and book your self a spa).

They have multiple branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Goa. Another interesting thing for mumbai-ites is Spa on wheels where they get a spa van to come right under your house for foot therapies. Get un-tired.

P.S. My massage service was sponsored by the spa but my husband's was paid for by us. However the opinions are my own and honest.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Glitter Gradient Nails


I am still doing simple nail art these days. Though things are getting better with the baby (mostly!) we kind of have a schedule where I get a couple of hours here and there to myself while he naps (again mostly). So here's a glitter gradient I did.

Base is China Glaze Re-fresh Mint. Loving this colour at the moment.
Glitter gradient is with Jordana LA City Nights. It's a mix of medium turquoise and purple micro glitter.

I love how simple and neat this turns out without too much hard work.
You should try a glitter gradient if you like glitter nails but dont wanna go OTT with it.

Till I see you next. Ta-daa