Monday, 6 August 2012

Glitter Glitter on my Nails! Glitter Bomb!

 Happy Friendship Day to you allllll!!!
I have got to know a lot of people due to blogging and I am glad to know such nice ppl!
I dont want to get into talking names, coz this post may never end :p
But you all know who you are!! And u've made my life more fun!!
(This incl all tweeps, email spammers, FB followers and comment writers!)
So here's wishing you all a very HAPPY Friendship Day!!!

On my blog today is my first glitter bomb! And a big one at that.
I've always stayed away from glitter due to the painful task of removing them and killing your cuticles in the process (yeah I mean the foil claw method). I am clearly not a fan of that. But after seeing this new frenzy around indie glitter polishes and the bea-u-tiful pics across blogs, I couldnt resist.
Now Indie polishes are real hard to get hold off, so I got around to buying "Cosmic" from Jordana.

Yes! It know it is A LOT of glitter. I wanted to see how it looks/feels etc.

Base: Sandy-Matt Blue polish
Glitter polish: Jordana Cosmic 2 coats

I brought Jordana cosmic from BeautyJoint.
One bottle of 6ml costs around $2.99

Cosmic is packed with micro blue hex glitter and large chunky silver, blue and green hex

After a couple of days I got bored with my flashy nails and tried to add some interest by adding dots of various colours. It ended up looking even more boring. I think.... U?

Psssst: I discovered a way to remove glitter polish without killing your cuticles. Will post that soon.
Wait for it. :D Bwahahahahah!!!!


  1. oohhh glittery :D me want me want :D waiting for your tips on removing glitter polishes :)

  2. WHOAAAAAA ! That is some Glitter!

  3. woww this looks cool.. but yeah removing the glitter is a pain :( Kej I have a doubt.. I tried this nyx enchanted forest on top of a green np.. i wasnt able to layer those bigger green glitters (not sure what to call it) properly.. when I tried adding 3 coats it became too thick and clumsy.. because of this the layers looked uneven on the nails.. I see u have done a fab job in layering.. is thr a technique that I am missing :( me a novice.. ur thoughts.. (sorry for the lengthy comment)

    1. Hey Rekha, I m no expert on glitter but there r 2 ways u can try. One is apply it like any other polish in smooth strokes from nail base to tip. Allow each coat to dry completely.
      The 2nd is: dab. Dab on the glitter polish on the dried base coat..again lettin each coat dry.
      The thing is: if your glitter polish is jam packed with glitter it will easily pick up lots of glitter and u wont need to layer much. but if it is not jam packed it will ply on sparse glitter jus like how u see in the bottle.
      To smoothen out the top layer of my nails I have used 2 layers of seche vite quick dry top coat . It helps make ur nails feel un-gritty! (if thats a word).
      No problemo abt the long comment..pls feeel free to ask here nytime :)

    2. wow!! Thanks Kej :) I will try this 'dab-the-polish' technique.. I guess it shud work.. I hear many good things about this seche vitte.. do we get it here online?

    3. Rekha: Unfortunately SV is not available in India. BeautyJoint stocks it..but u'll have to wait for the parcel... if it arrives :-/

  4. Bring on the Glitttah!! I'm blinded by so much bling on ur nails babe! Totally luv this crazy blingy shade :D happy fraandship day to u too!

    1. I went blind too! hehe! But I had to put it to see it.
      HFD to u tooo! hope u had a good one!

  5. Whoa!!! Its pretty!
    and pretty scary!! :P

    you send me the list!!!!!!

    and me too after 'I no like glitter" song I sang for months, I am all about glitters these days!! Sigh! :P

    PS: Show me after removal scene :P
    AND Happy Friendship day!!

    1. Will u decide!
      What list? huh?
      Glitter is temptin..sigh! Actually these pics make it very bling coz its tooo up close..on nails they were bling but jus not as much. I mean my orange or yellow np has ppl following my hands but this one didnt do that.
      Yes removal scene comin up soon!

    2. Mani is pretty! Definitely.
      scary when I think of removal!

      Remember the LA color glitter I put on accent finger. The glitter came off on its own. Did not peel, just came off. Now its sitting pretty on my table. :P
      I wish glitter removal would always be that easy! *dream* :D

  6. wow...gorgeous colors and glitters

  7. Loving glittssssSss...ualready know that :p This one looks cool..and try using Enliven nail polish removers..they are hurting cuticles during foil method !!! What u did, m curious ;)

  8. beautiful glitter! i ordered from beautyjoint in may and have still not gotten the package :( any idea how to check this issue?

    1. oh dear! Thats a long time..Did u chk at ur local post office? I say go thr badger them and make a scene. They might open a drawer and give it u.
      Chances are ur package has been inappropriately used by the fashion-conscious postmen(or their family)! >:O
      Did u take insurance on ur package? Send a mail to beauty joint and tell them u havent recd it over 2 months now..chances are u cud get a refund.

  9. i'm loving your stamping tutes kejal. and i m sold over the jordana paint!

    1. Thanks!I hope u wont giveaway ur kit now! :)

  10. Damn! I bought this and more. Now if only the package would arrive soon.
    Btw, love it on you :)

    1. thanks! :)
      M sure ur package will come soon! then u can make me J again :p

  11. much sparkle! Love the aquatic/mermaid colours (they're pretty much my favourites), and I'll be looking forward to that removal post too! :)

  12. You could have taken our names, you know....we wouldn't hold it against you.

    btw, I just pluck them out and then use the remover, not like anybody asked me but then they never really do ^_^

  13. *weeeee* glitter!!! (i actually did that in my head :P)
    love the base..its the most beautiful glitter blue i've ever seen..u used the same in the chequered mani too, right??? that one was also beyond beautiful!!


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