Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring time! Flower overload!

Hi Ya!! I m back from my rafting trip and I had a super-rocking-time!! 
(will spam you a few pics later with the mani I wore for my trip). 

Well coming back to this post. I am not a flowery in I dislike flowers in designs. I like flowers, but not things that have flowery designs...know what I mean?
No flowers on clothes, shoes, jewelry. Somehow as a part of my wardrobe revamp I've decided to add stuff I usually do not wear. Got a few flowery tops and dresses. And yes a flowery mani was due.
Surprisingly I like it :D 
So much so that I have a few more coming in the spirit of spring (or a full blast summer in Mumbai!!)

Base: Colorbar Exclusive 37 (White)
Stamping colour: Lakme Metallic 241 (bronze)
Stamping plate: BM 211

For those in search of stampy polishes..Lakme's (Indian Brand) metallic polishes surprisingly stamp well.
Like it?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inglot Nail Enamel #955 + water decals


Inglot has become one of my new favourite brands for cosmetics, you'd know if you've seen my latest Inglot Haul post.
Although I find their NPs a bit high priced at Rs. 490/- ($10).
Inglot says their are "Durable, matte, medium drying time formula DOES NOT CONTAIN:- toluene- formaldehyde- dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- camphor Apply two coatsMake sure that first coat is completely dry before applying second one. Some shades look best with three coats. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 15ML/0.51 US FL OZ "
I am happy about all that, but its still highly priced. Ok! Enough ranting.

This shade 955, is a sweet periwinkle blue with creme finish.
I could just stand at Inglot NPs counter all day andjust keep swatching :)
I just looove thier colourful displays!!
At 2 coats I did find it a bit streaky and slightly patchy (see patch on ring finger top left corner).
Also I found the brush to be very small. It takes 3 strokes to cover my nails. But the variety of shades makes up for it :D

I used water decals for this mani as I was at moms place for the weekend and did not have all my nail art tools.

I really like how convenient decals are when you dont have too much time to do an elaborate mani. 
Decals still grab attention and are super easy to use.

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Rays of half moons? maybe..

While you are reading this I am rafting somewhere in the middle of Ganges!
This is my second time there. I enjoyed so much last time that I had to go again this year!!

Anyhoo, I did intend to keep a couple of schedules posts, as this wasnt one of my first chioces to upload. But in between a few social do-s, catching up with some old friends, finish work and packing I couldnt manage to post some more.
I did this mani a couple of weeks ago as an experiment. Well, I have a few of these chinese/korean bottles of nail polish that give a metallic-matt finish. They look super opaque, so I wanted to see if they'd stamp well...and ooh boy! they do! However please excuse the sloppy pics..I did'nt clean up before I took the pics and for some strange reason even the base has a really sloppy application.

Base: OPI Russian Navy
Stamping Colour: Unbranded Metallic-Matt in Orange
Stamping plate: XL B
The stamp is quite funky abstract kinda, with rays of half moons. Believe me I was quite sure I wasnt going to look good when I was putting it together. But the end result is quite a curious mix.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this eclectic mix. Do leave your comments.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Gold Mosaic

Hii Ya,
Hope you all had a good weekend.
I had a one that was a bit hectic..went shopping around for some indian formal dresses.
Yiiikes..M running late for office today. Gotta finish a bunch load of work before I can manage to leave for my short holiday. Coming back to the subject: There is something about this mani that was very eye catching. Probably the combination or the stamp image. I got a lot of compliments on this one
Enjoy the pics!!

Image plate: XL A
Base: Lakme Metallic gold
Stamping Polish: Konad Black

Yeah..I managed to smudge my ring and pinkie finger.
I need to practice a full nail stamp.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inglot 924 + Inglot Flakies 202

Quick post today. I am trying to rush to office and finish as much work as possible coz m going out-of-town on a river rafting trip in the middle of next week.. Eeeeeeehhhhhooooooo!

Please continue to Ogle at Inglot Flakie #202.
This one's a orange to green colour shifting flakie polish.
This is absolutely stunning in person. Remember the shiny red gift wrapping paper that has a slight holograpahic tint at edges? Thats what this was looking like.
I tried taking pics in sun but the glossy effect wasnt letting the flakies shine thru so I went back under shade.
Stamping Colour: Konad White
Plate: M2
 The base is Inglot 924: a medium tomato red shade

Ignore the mess on cuticles, I wanted to clean up after I applied the flakies.

"The dance of the Flakies"  hehe

I love love the shiny shimmery dance the flakies do on my nails!
So far I have been trying to use a base colour that is a part of  the spectrum of the flakie shine.
Once I swatch them all I'll do different blue under 203..Watsay?
Do you have flakies? or plan to buy them?

* Unless otherwsie stated: All products have been bought using my hard earned money

Monday, 12 March 2012

Inglot 835 + Flakies 203

I had got a bunch of Inglot polishes and a few flakies some time back.
There has been a lot of interest generated around flakies.
Below is a swatch of Inglot nail Enamel 835.
Cost: Rs.490/- for 15ml ($10). It was quite sheer, what you see below is 3 coats.
Its a purple with pearl finish with a really small blue shimmer.
The bottle looked like it would be a duo-tone polish, but it isn't.
Surprisingly the brush of Inglot's nail enamels is really small. I had to put atleast 3 swipes to cover my tiny  nails..which can be a bit tiresome if you have broader nails.

Inglot says: these are toluene- formaldehyde- dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- camphor free.
Below is a bottle pic of #203. See how the flakies dance in light.
Cost: Rs.490/- for 8ml. ($10)

Inglot has 2 kinds of flakies. 
One of them is the series from #201 to #207 which are smaller bottles ($10/Rs490/- for 8ml) in size but have densely packed flakies. One coat is quite sufficient to give the flakie effect but you can do 2 for more shine.

The other one is the XL series. ranging from XL1 to XL7: These costs the same but have a bigger quantity (15ml). These less dense than the #201-207 series. I got XL7 from this series (will swatch soon.)

This is one coat of #203 over #835.
These flakies give a nice jewel toned effect.
#203 is duo-toned; changing from blue to green in various angles of light and will also reflect a bit of the base colour.
These feel pretty smooth and not at all gritty and were easy to remove as well. Not at all like the glitters.

Hope you liked #203. Will soon swatch the other flakies too.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My take on Nails @ NYFW Fall collection 2012

With all the fashion weeks happening all around, it's hard not to get drawn to them.
Below are a few pics of the Nail Trends at New York Fall 2012 Fashion week runway.

 Image source for all these images from NYFW: Here

I like these half moon manis in smoky colours
But the one below is something that I just fell in love with..its simple yet soo chic!

And here is my take on it..I wanted something a bit bright as summer is almost here in India

Base: Streetwear Nude
Freehand Cuban tips with striping Brush: China Glaze: For Audrey and OPI Dating a Royal


I tried but couldnt stop staring at my hands after I did this.
Nude polish makes your hands look longer, your fingers seem slender and the colourful tips give it a classy edge. It is also very appropriate for work wear.
Are you gonna try this?

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Windows of the world

I am going to complete 5 years in my exisiting job #HallofShame or as my colleagues say I am becoming old furniture. LOL! I never thot I'd spend so much time in one work place. 
But what can I say, I am still here. Well at least I changed my banner and blog look.
So much for change in my life!!

Well, coming back to nail polish. I've been wanting to try out some of the Kleancolor metallics for stamping.
I am quite impressed by how well they stamp. I did try a few in my BeautyJoint Haul post, but never did a full mani using them.
On the base is Gosh's Pool Party. Its a pretty creme polish in blue withh a smoky hue.
Very smooth and completely opaque in 2 coats. Dries quickly too.
I wish we'd get more of Gosh products here.

Base: Gosh Pool Party 592
Stamping Colour: Kleancolor Metallics: Mango
Stamping Plate: BM 209, accent finger: BM 208

I was quite blown over by this mani.
It turned out quite neat, stamped well and combination turned out well too.

Did ya like it?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gift box ribbon

How exciting is the sight of a gift box neatly wrapped in glossy paper with a big ribbon tied to it??
I dont know about you..but it makes me jump with glee like a lil 10 year girl!
I decided to make something similar on my nails.

Base: Faux OPI (Similar to OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender)
Stamping plate: M61
Stamping Colour: Konad Blue Pearl

When was the last time you an elaborately packed gift box?