Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Laced Pink Pop

Hi All,
M back with a new post. Have been thinking how often should I be posting? As of now I post once a week. Its not easy to manage a full time job and a blog. Even if I paint my nails twice a week, I feel lazy to edit and upload pictures withing the same day or two. So I am now practically sitting on atleast 7 or 8 potential posts. Do you do the same?
 Anywho, I'd been wanting to do a girly manicure and couldn't think of anything other than pink and this delicate design from M71.

Base: Miss Claire 062
Stamping plate: Konad M71
Stamping colour: Konad Black

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Zebra Torte!!

Hey All, 
Today's post has one of my favourite mani so far. I've seen other nail artists' use different colours on one hand and wanted to try  that. For this one I used contrasting colours for the fingers as well as the stamps. I call this one Zebra Torte as it reminds me of this:

Picture Courtesy: http://www.realepicurean.com/2008/06/zebra-cake/
(There's a reciepe if y'all wanna make this)

Without further ado:
Base: OPI DS Reflection and OPI Russian Navy
Stamping: BM 221 and Konad Black and White

I love the scattered Holo effect of DS reflection!!

Even though I smudged the white stamp a bit on my ring finger, I was quite happy with the overall result!
I did get a few strange stares at my hands in public transport and shops. LOL!!
Wat say??

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

♦ Victorian Brooch ♦

I got 50 followers yeaaayyyy!!!!!! (Dancing) I am soo excited. Been less than 2 months that I took up blogging seriously and today, I'm at 50!! Before I started, I would look at others blogs with around 50-100 followers and think when would I see this on my blog and today here I am.
Have already started gathering stuff to celebrate my 100 with a giveaway!! Meanwhile enjoy my mani this week: 
The Base is so pretty, I didnt want to cover the whole thing with a full nail design. Its like a metallic lavender with grey undertones. So I opted for this curvy design from BM214. For some reason I just couldn't place the stamp properly. Kept getting difficult to judge it as to where it would place on the nail. But I think I managed it ok. After stamping I added a few dots to highlight and it looks like a pinned brooch ♦ with twirly victorian design with embellishments. J
Base: Lakme Twilight Mauve
Stamp: Konad Black
Dots:  Acrylic Blue pearl

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Candy Roses

Some days back I had seen a lovely rose tutorial mani from Nail Nerd, which was requested by another fav nail blogger of mine; I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous. So I decided to try it out myself as both their mani's looked so pretty. Here's my version of Candy roses.

I used colorbar's white as the base. It took me 3 coats to get it opaque and it still showed streaks.
Please excuse the untidy edges. I wasn't sure if I still wanted this as base

After it completely dried, I made a baby pink colour by mixing red and white acrylic paints to make irregular blobs.
With Flash
And added the detailing with dark red. I did try leaves, but they didn't turn out well. So I left them out, as I thought the design was looking really pretty like candy pieces. They did seem easy in the tutorial, but it took some time to get the petals right.
Up close the design looked a little messy to me, but if you kinda watch it at hand's length it doesn't seem messy.

Without Flash

I kept looking at my hand all day, as the roses really looked so pretty!
What do you feel about it? Or should I just stick to stamping?

♥ Till I see you next ♥

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ice Ice baby!

Been pouring all week here in Mumbai!! The weather's become soo awesome and is such a relief from the humidity and heat that usually prevails. Saturday morning got me up, searching for a light jacket (surprise, considering the weather we usually have) and running for a hot cuppa chai.
Weather got me thinking I should do a cool shade mani! So here I am :)
Used Lotus herbals's Ocean Love for the base. Its a shinyyy shimmery blinding light blue.

Base: Lotus Herbals Ocean Love
Stamping Polish: Konad Blue pearl
Image plates: BM201, M56
Blings even without flash! Pic taken indoors

 How do you like it?