Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Lace Nails

Its the fifth and last prompt of ILL's #back2nails challenge for August.
Feels good to be regular again!

The theme for this week is Laces and I looove lace nails!

Base: Models Own mirror chrome Indigo
Stamping plate: Major Dijit 01
Stamping polish: MDU black

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Reciprocal Gradient Nail Art

Today is the 4th promptfor ILL's #back2nails challenge and its gradient this week.
I thought that i'll try something new this time.

Base: Chambor 510
Gradient with Barry M grapefruit
Used stripe vinyls for doing the gradient
I didnt manage to catch the colour correctly for Barry M coz its one of those tricky coral hues that makes ur camera go red or berserk pink.
But hope u guys liked the design. Me thinks it came out much neater than i expected.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Independence Day Nails

Happy to say I've so far stuck to my weekly challenge for ILL #back2nails.
This is the third week on and todays prompt is Independence day! Indian one today.

Here's my mani:

Base: Chambor White 510
Gradient: Loreal 303, chambor 510 and Lakme Going green
Stamping plate: Uber chic 1-01, 9-01
Stamping polish: MDU Iris

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Monotone Nail Art

Feels good to get back to doing some nails!
Today is the second prompt for the #back2nails challenge for ILL
(follow me on Insta if you dont already @nailartnthings )

For today's monotone challenge I've gone with my favourite colour Purple 💜

Base: Models own Pitch Purple
Stamping plate: Pueen Visual Wonderland 01
Stamping polish Kaleidoscope St-84- Manatee
Topped with HKgirl

Here's a swatch of the base from Models Own:

Pitch Purple

Gorgeous probably the darkest purple I have in my stash.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Polka Dot Nail Art

Hello! long break huh? if you guys are still reading blogs then welcome back.
Although at this point writing a nail art blog seems pointless as instagram pretty much covers what I put up on this blog but I'd still like to write it as my nail art diary. And also the fact that instagram isnt good at coming up nicely in google searches when I want to look back or search a mani.

Just to get you guys to catch up if you dont follow me on insta yet, I took a couple of trips and now back at home recovering from jet lag. Trying to put my hauls and bags in place, sorting home stuff.

Meanwhile I do realise how much polish I've hoarded over the past few years and its time I catch up and get back to doing manis as it truly makes me happy. So me and a few friends have joined in to start a small nail art challenge as a means to get #back2nails . Its a weekly post, no rushing, simple themes. The whole idea is to get started with our manis. Would love if you guys join.

Check out @indianlacquerlovers on instagram for the challenge and join us.

The prompt for this week is Polka! and I love it!

Base: Opi I'm not really a waitress
Stamping plate: OB5 and KD3
Stamping polish: MDU pastel yellow

Swatch of the Base: OPI i'm not really a waitress