Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing all my readers a very happy valentines day!!! Hope you have a super day filled with love and special moments. 

Here's the mani I actually have on me today. I just wanted to put something simple .. Ok I admit I just wanted to paint my nails than go bare nails :p

Base: Faces Savita Matte (yeah u read right)
Now I like that this brand is really launching products and trying to catch up with global nail trends however they could be a bit creative with the shade names. Not only the nail polishes but quite a few of their lip sticks and other items are also named after other iconic shades from other brands. I have swatches of their green matte shade earlier.. It's called Veruschka. :D

Ok now coming back to this shade. It's a nice purple. With red shimmers. Dries matt as the name suggests. However the first coat was really streaky and patchy. Had to apply a thicker second coat to smooth it properly. The brush on this was horrible. Had strands poking out. But I do like the end result. A dark royal purple.

Sponged a bit of sandy gold on the tips and free handed a tiny heart with pink polish. Cute but not over the top. 

Ok. Heading out for my dinner date.

What did u do today?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Faces Sand Texture Polish: Red Velvet

Today I have something new and exciting on the blog. Yes sand texture polishes are here in India from a brand called Faces Cosmetics. 
(In shade)

I have been trying to contact the PR for more information on the shades etc but they won't respond. Somebody needs to tell PR ppl that's what their job is in the first place!! 

Anyway coming down to my excitement for the day. These are selling for Rs.399/- and I saw a few other nice shades at a local counter but they definitely didn't have all. 

This ones called Red Velvet. It's a pinkish red with gold glass flecks. However the gold glass flecks are not as visible on nails as they seem in the bottle. If u ask me it looks like ChG strawberry fields in sand finish. Pretty I say.

The finish is a bit gritty but not really rough and jarred if that's what u r thinking. I assume it will be difficult to remove so you might have to remove it using the glitter removal method. (Will try to update here when I take it off).
I was pleasantly surprised to find that it applied well. One thin coat was slightly patchy but one thick coat works well. However I prefer to do one thin coat and another one after a gap of a few mins. This dried really fast. It was smooth to touch after 5 mins of application.

(Pic in sunlight)

I did a really simple mani as I wanted to enjoy looking at the base much. Accent nail is done with bindi stickers :) 

Feels good to be a bit regular with the blog! (Whew!) sometimes I wonder how women manage household stuff, work, kids, blog and a personal life all at the same time. This is a shout to all those women. I truly respect ya!! Hope to post back soon. Tc

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hello kitty Nail Art

Weekend is here! What plans?
Me have to attend a wedding and going to stay over at moms for a few days. Sometimes it feels so nice to just sleep in late while I know that mom will take care of kiddo. Aah bliss!!
And when I she keeps him for the afternoon.. Double bliss!! I get to do a mani!! Yay!

I sometimes find hello kitty too cute and way too girly for my liking but I wanted to a girly mani and nothing else was coming to my head. So hoped u liked this one?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cute Valentine Day Nail Art

Wow Jan is already over! Is it just me or is time really flying by?

I am still mostly keeping my nails short coz m paranoid about accidentally scratching the kiddo. He's becoming handful too. So m going to be chopping off a bit of length soon. 
Here's a cute mani I did keeping in mind the valentine theme of this month. 

The base chg tantalize me topped with one coat of a lavender holo from the brand bk holo. I believe they r off the shelf now dunno y they stopped making these lovelies. 

See how gorgeous the colour is plain too!
Stamped using SH insta dri in pronto purple. Stamping plates used are fab ur nails 2 and cheeky 15, 16 and 29.

Coming up soon is a small giveaway so stay tuned!!