Monday, 31 October 2011

I wanna be Blue! No, I wanna be Lavender!

I am still on vacation will return tomorrow, so this post is also scheduled.

This one is again a part of my Canadian Haul.
When I made my parents go hunting for nail polish in Canada, I frantically calling them everyday to ask if they got my holographic nail polishes and they would say "Nope".
One day they called me up excited in the middle of my night (their day) to say they got "sun-o-graphic" polishes. So next day I wake up and go gaga all over google to figure what they got me, alas I couldnt find it. This is what they meant by "sun-o-graphic" just to get back at me for making them go crazy about searching holographic ones. (LOL!) Presenting:
DEL SOL polishes.
These change colours when you go out in sun and living in India I have more than my share of sun.
This one is a light baby blue colour and it quite sheer. I made 3 coats on the pics below. And of course I couldn't leave it alone, had to stamp it.

Base: Del Sol Superhero
Stamping Polish: Konad Black
Stamping Plate: BM 215

There is a label on the top of the bottle to indicate the colour it will change to.

These are 3 free.

In Sunlight: The colour changes to a sweet lavender

How did you like this? 
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Diwali!! Fireworks!!

Hi, Wish you all a very happy Diwali!! (Festival of Lights)
Hope you are all enjoying the festival with your friends and family.
May you have prosperous year ahead filled with happiness and fun.

Here is my Diwali Firecracker of a Mani to celebrate the festive spirits.
Base: OPI Dating a royal
Stamping polish: Konad Silver
Image plate: BM 213
Dots: Acrylic & dotting tool

Have a great year ahead!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

♥ Purple

While you read this I am away to Hong Kong/Thailand and shopping like crazy!! Although I am missing my blog and do find myself thinking about it! 

Anywho, dont think I've mentioned before that purple is my favourite colour. My room is purple, half my clothes tend to be purple or shades of it, got violet sandals, my towel is lavender, I can go on and on (yes I am also working towards making my blog purple). But I waited a really long time for a purple mani as I wanted it to be just perfect!!! So here is my puurfect purple mani:

Base: A Grape fit
Stamping polish: Sally Hansen insta-dri Pronto Purple
Image plate: BM 201

The ring is a part of my Canadian Haul that my parents got for me, it sooo pretty I couldn't resist showing it.
Whats your favourite colour?

Monday, 10 October 2011

My first Crackle!!

Hi All,
After my Canadian Haul post, I had a few request to show the crackle/shatter polishes. I was soo excited to see the crackle paints, as we dont get them here and had immediately tried on one finger the day my mom got them. But it didnt really seem to crackle. Later I read the instructions on the bottle which said "apply one single thin or thick coat". I put on a blue base (OPI's Dating a royal, should be dry) over which I tried the Sally hansen Pink crackle in one thin coat. (in hindsight I feel black would have look better..but ehh..there's always a next time!)

A few tips for those who haven't used crackle before: As you can see in some places the pink crackle is quite opaque as I was using it sparingly on the pointer finger to check whether I am applying it correctly or not. And "Crackle" it did. So I tried the next one with a bit thicker one coater and it seemed to work too. But the idea is to apply one single coat only. These paints are quite versatile and are easy to apply to give your nails a good dash of color. Soon am gonna try the purple and blue crackle polishes in diff combinations to see what base colour brings out the best in them. They are easy to apply and dont take ages to dry.
I am going off on a 15 day holiday to Hong Kong, China and Thailand. I have a couple of scheduled posts coming up. I will try catch up whenever possible. Any must-buys for me in these places??
Please try not to miss me too much! :D
Psst: I will be back soon with loads of goodies from my trip for my blogs very own First Giveaway (hopefully I'll have over a 100 followers)
Till I see you next time. Ciao

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Canadian Haul!!

Hi All,
 I am soo excited to post this!! This is the haul my parents got for me since we dont get alot of variety here.
No more talking! Enjoy the pics!

Sally Hansen Cracklem (L to R) : Distressed Denim, Fuchsia Shock, Vintage Violet 
SH Hard as Nails (L to R): Midnight Sky, Strobe Light, Very Cherry, Time to Shine

SH (L to R): Snappy Sprinkles, Sturdy Sapphire, Black Heart, On the Rocks, Firm Fig
Gosh (L to R): Pool party, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue
L to R: Sinful colors- Envy, OPI: A Grape Fit, You Dont Know Jacques, Dating a Royal

SH Insta Dri (L to R): Silver Sweep, Clearly Quick, Presto Pewter, Pronto Purple
Nicole by OPI: Step 2 the beat of my ♥; Del Sol (Colour changing NP) 
Winmax Nail Art Enamel: White and Blue with striping brush

Accessories and stick ons

Assortment of glitter, and heart and star shaped sprinkles

The whole deal :D

Taaa--Daaaaa! (Drum Roll). Howwzaat!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekend Haul!!!

This is my weekend haul!! I thought I should pick up some new make up stuff so went to Beauty Center (Mumbai). Surprise-surprise (actually Shock-Shock!!) that I did not buy a single nail paint!!!!
Psst: The Canadian Haul (exclusively only NPs) that my parents got me is coming up soon!!!! :D
I am not such a big make-up person, but seeing so many blogs and learning from them has got me a bit interested about it. But this haul is all you get to see. You'll still be seeing only nails on this blog.

Here's the addition to my stash:

From Maybelline: Gel eyeliner, Colossal Mascara, Eye & Lip Make up remover, Grey eye pencil.
Miss Claire no 11 eye shadow palette, Ivory Nail wheel (for practice), Vega smudging brush
Eye lash curler, 2 sheet masks, Colorbar Lip pot in Toffee tango
Dove conditioner
Miss Claire palette 11
I got this vanity box free with all the Maybelline stuff!!
Also bought a few nail art stickers off Ebay India.

I almost through with my canadian haul post that my mom and dad got for me!
Cant wait to post that! C ya soon!