Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mickey nails for 1st Bday

Mickey and friends Theme Party!!! Go with mickey theme nails. That's right they do.

Here's the cake for the occasion:

Yeah that's what I had on my hands for my little one's first birthday last month.

Base: P2 oh so cool topped with ChG Dorothy Who
Some free hand and some stamping added here and there for the other elements.
Was thinking of adding a few other elements for Donald, goofy and Pluto but wasn't able to.

Can you believe it's a year already!!!!???

Monday, 14 July 2014

Cute and quirky: Glitter and Stamping Nail Art

Something cute and quirky!
Have gathered some nice new polishes and most remain untried so will be trying them out in next few manis.

Base W7 Mosaic
Accent: stamping with a Jessica polish in purple (has no name)
Stamping plate: A43
Topped with SV

Catch u soon!