Monday, 26 December 2011

My Secret Santa(s)!!

This parcel arrived from a Nail Polish group I am part of on FB!!
The deal is you get to send presents to someone while someone sends to you. While both don't know who is getting from whom! Get it???!! Noo..? Chuck! Enjoy the pics while I enjoy the gifts!! :p
Mine was sent from the sweet gals at The Polish Lab: Ace and Allison!!

 There were these 2 packages inside with a sweet note!

This is aaaalllllll that was sent: (detailed pics below)

Blistex Lip balm, 2 minis from California Nails, A holiday Pack from OPI (Funky Dunkey and Greenwich Village), an ELF gloss, a WetNWild cream shadow pencil, a Nail file, LA art deco( black sparkles), a mini WetNWild polish, Barielle (brown sparkles)

Candles, a paris hilton perfume sample, shampoo/conditioner

A pair of socks, Nail foils

A pretty red stocking, candies/chocolates, chiclets, and tissues :p

I was overjoyed to receive their package and hopped around like a bunny for the rest of the day!!



  1. Those stockings are adorable and the rest of the stuff is absolutely drool worth specially that green polish:D

    Btw, I got around to doing my Versatile blogger post today and you had to be one of them:)

    Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. hey Kejal, these present are awesome... oh and i have a small surprise for you over at my blog.

  3. This is soooo cute!! so nice of them t send sch luvly stuff! u must be sooooooooooo happy :)

  4. @zara: m still grinning in glee!

  5. All the credit goes to Ace! I (Allison from The Polish Lab) wasn't in on this. Ace did a great job! She sends awesome packages. :)

  6. I have passed on a Award to your Blog.. Do check it out here

  7. I have always loved the idea of secret santa.
    You must be loving even more this time ;)

  8. awesome stuff Kejal..lovely gifts :)

    Happy Holidaying,,, :)

  9. What a great idea!!! Would love to do this.

  10. Oh Kejal, I only now saw this. I am so glad you enjoyed your secret santa package. I had fun choosing everything for you! <3 Ace

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