Monday, 12 December 2011

Sapphire flowers

Hello Gal Pals!!
What did you do this weekend? I went out of town to a hill station nearby that grows strawberries!! :D
And the best thing there is Strawberries with cream. (Yum Yum! nom nom!). Enough drooling now!!
Coming back to Sapphire. On my nails today I am showing you Sally Hansen's Sturdy Sapphire. It is a very vibrant shimmering blue bordering on the tones of violet. 

The colour is sheer and a required 4 coats to build up. And I can still see a VNL (visible nail line).

Stamping plate: M76 (faux)
Stamping Colour: Konad Black
I added a few dots in silver for highlights.

How did you like this??
Stay posted: Coming up soon..My first ever Christmas Mani!


  1. lubly!!!it even looks soothing!!

  2. oooh i have to get some stamping supplies,thats lovely!

  3. You went to Mahabaleshwar...uh hun
    you should have stopped along the way to say hi to me:)....I love the stamping btw!

  4. oh woww.. hw did u do it? n wat is a stamping color?

    New post

  5. I love your stamping! This is a really pretty manicure :-)

  6. nice nail colour..kinda even luks gud without the flower print..

  7. @all: Thank you!! I was a bit skeptical about this colour..but it turned out really well.

  8. So pretty Kejal and you have done it so neatly :-)

  9. You have a new follower, who's actually not a nail person, but love seeing others doing it :-)

  10. That polish is pretty and love the stamping!


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