Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Canadian Haul!!

Hi All,
 I am soo excited to post this!! This is the haul my parents got for me since we dont get alot of variety here.
No more talking! Enjoy the pics!

Sally Hansen Cracklem (L to R) : Distressed Denim, Fuchsia Shock, Vintage Violet 
SH Hard as Nails (L to R): Midnight Sky, Strobe Light, Very Cherry, Time to Shine

SH (L to R): Snappy Sprinkles, Sturdy Sapphire, Black Heart, On the Rocks, Firm Fig
Gosh (L to R): Pool party, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue
L to R: Sinful colors- Envy, OPI: A Grape Fit, You Dont Know Jacques, Dating a Royal

SH Insta Dri (L to R): Silver Sweep, Clearly Quick, Presto Pewter, Pronto Purple
Nicole by OPI: Step 2 the beat of my ♥; Del Sol (Colour changing NP) 
Winmax Nail Art Enamel: White and Blue with striping brush

Accessories and stick ons

Assortment of glitter, and heart and star shaped sprinkles

The whole deal :D

Taaa--Daaaaa! (Drum Roll). Howwzaat!!


  1. what a haullllllll..i want everything..plz plz plz ..lolz

  2. Hahaha that's a might long line you've got there! Well done, you've got a lot of new stuff to play with :D

  3. omg i m super duper wooper jealous

  4. I think Ive died and one to nail heaven!!!! This is a massive haul Kej!!! I wana see the sally hansen crackle at work!! :) :)

    my eyes r still going googly!

  5. Awesome stuff!! Even i would love to see the crackle ones at work. Nice colours!! Im jealous as hell!! :D

  6. That was so sweet of your parents...can't wait to see your manis!

  7. Omg...Thou am nt into nailpaints..this sure luks awsum..so many :)I am following u :)

  8. Nice haul, you have nice parents.

  9. @Zara, @divassence: Crackle post coming up next!
    @Ana,Parita, Bhumika, Shweta, beauxs MOM:Thank you!!
    @imfeelingnail-venturous: i know!! I still cant stop thinkin OMG!

  10. I am coming to ur house and stealing the crackle bottles!!!!!

  11. Lovely haul. So many crakles to play around:)

  12. That's one BIG haul. Gosh girl, you love your nail polish, don't you?

  13. OMG!!! I'm so jealous!!! this an amazing haul, I want it all!


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