Wednesday, 23 November 2011

▓▒▓▒ Patchwork Quilt ▓▒▓▒

Hello Fellow Nail-bees!!
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 Coming back to my post for today: Winter is setting in (except for Mumbai) and it reminds of a patchwork quilt I used to have as a child that I would snuggle into.
Today I am showing you a mani which I fell in love with instantly when I saw it on a blog. Also I have been doing alot of lot of stamping lately so I decided I should try some free hand and this weave pattern came to my mind first. Its quite easy as it only involves drawing lines.
I did this using a 2-way nail art pen in pink and white colour. One side is a small pen like point and other side is a long striping brush. Initially I tried using the pen side, but the colours wouldnt flow smoothly, So I used the other side and it applied perfectly in a single stroke.

It may look complicated, but is not so much.  Start with diagonal stripes half way down the nail in alternate colours with stripes as close to each other as possible. Only one needs a little patience when filling in the overlaps with the right colour to make a proper weave design.

Nail art pen

How do you like it?


  1. I ahve a question for you! I want to buy a nail hardener! Any suggestions? I love the shape of your nails! Mine gets broken very easily!

  2. @tanvee: have heard the best is OPI Nail envy, can also try sally hansen nail hardener and constance caroll nail hardener

  3. Congratssssssss!!!!What are you giving away??:D

  4. luv the NP Kej...nice deep wine color..

  5. Love the base color and knitted nail art :)

  6. I'm a new follower, you do very nice nail art.

  7. congratulations!!! Love the design :)

  8. These look awesome! Love the tip design!

  9. Congratulations!!! love the nail design

  10. I think they look amazing. I always love nail designs on nail tips. :)

  11. wao you worked greatly love <3 it

  12. hi there.. Congrats on ur 100 followers.. n dis nail art is so chic :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog dear :)

    P.s.- I had a query. about your giveaway. If you could mail me something on my gmail, we could probably chat.
    In my blogger profile, you could 'Email' me :) Thanks



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