Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Beauty Joint Haul

Hi All,

I have a few haul posts coming up soon.
This is part of my haul from Beauty Joint. These polishes cost only $1.75. This haul contains one of my first holo polishes. I will be swatching and reviewing a few soon (let me know if you want a particular shade to be reviewed ). Meanwhile enjoy the pics.
(L to R) Metallic Pink, Metallic Red, Metallic Sapphire, Holo Blue, Holo Pink, Holo Chrome, Metallic Mango, Metallic Fuchsia
These metallics are supposed to be really good for stamping, which I am eager to test.

Chunky Holo Scarlet, Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Chunky Holo Black.

Anything you want to see first?


  1. How much did Beauty Joint charge for shipping? I'd love to see Metallic Mango, Chunky Holo Scarlet & Holo Pink :)

  2. After a 5% discount coupon, I was charged around $16 for 11 nail polishes..which worked out to less than Rs.160/- per polish :D

  3. That's awesome, I might place an order soon :P My dad's poor wallet.

  4. I saw an Ozotic Holo and now I just cannot see anything else:( but I love all the stuff you got:D

  5. these are damn beautiful ,,,
    simply wow ,,,

  6. Nail polish heaven!!
    Metallic red, holo chrome and metallic mango and fushia.
    Show me please!!

  7. @Emm
    Oh yes those Oztic Holos!

  8. Wow! Me just ordered my stuff from BeautyJoint yesterday! And I've included holo black and holo purple... Awesome no.. Pls swatch holo black first.. Looks so mesmerizing in the bottle! Wud like to know the quality too.
    Hey and how long did the package take to reach you?

  9. @thePURPLEspirit: took a month to reach me. quality is ok...havent checked all yet. Just swatched a few on the day they came. Will do black holo soon

  10. Awesome! I'm going to order from them next month I think.

  11. Kejal, I tagged you for an award:)

  12. @ Kejal :)
    Hi dear :)
    I have awarded you for Liebster Blog Award :)
    check out my blog for details...

    Good Luck
    Keep up the brilliant work :)

  13. wow, I already made my list for beauty joint... waiting for your swatches :)

    You got an award, do check out :)

  14. Thank u all for those lovely awards!! I am soo excited my blog's gonna be having 100 followers!! Yeaaaayyyy!!!

  15. these look so pretty...Kej, any iea whee we canget magnetic NPs?? m on the hunt for some...


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