Sunday, 20 November 2011

Kleancolor swatches

Hi Ya!!
Since my last Kleancolor haul post, I've been getting many requests for swatches so here are most of them.

I couldn't decide which ones to do first, so I did all.
 Coming up first are the holos: I got Holo blue and Holo pink.
My first thoughts on these holos is that they aren't the proper holos that people are going gaga over. These are like shimmery, holo-ey suspended particles in a jelly base. Yet after 3-4 coats these did look good, but mind you they still aren't the holo-ey goodness that I am hunting for. (namely Ozotics, Nfu-Ohs, Glitter Gals, Gosh). The finish is good, the application decent. The smell of Kleancolors is a bit stronger than most polishes, so it would be better to apply them in well ventilated areas.

Up close and personal

I did try a few other metallics as a base and they are nothing to write home about. Mind you, some of them bleed and some left a horrible stain on my fingers (metallic pink). But there has been a lot of hoopla around them on blogger since they seem to be good as stamping polishes. They are.
Base: Kleancolor Holo Blue
Stamping color: Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire
Stamping plate: BM

Up next we got: Holo Pink
I loved the Holo Pink!!! 

Please excuse the sloppy stamping..its entirely my fault I couldn't let me hands be after stamping.
Tried to open a juice can.
Stamping Colours: Pointer Metallic Red
Middle: Metallic Fuschia 
Ring: Metallic Pink

Next in line are the Chunky Holos.
Again these are jelly based with loads of suspended flakes, shimmer etc.
These are best used as layering polishes. I didn't have the patience to apply each on all fingers, so these are mini-swatches of each.

Base: Ring- Colorama Black, 
Middle: Lakme D417; Freespirit 
Ring: Faux OPI purple
Pinkie: Revlon Top Speed: Mulberry

These are then layered with Kleancolors in the next pics.
Pointer: Chunky Holo Black
Middle: Chunky Holo Scarlett
Ring: Chunky Holo Chrome
Pinkie: Chunky Holo Fuchsia

I was stunned by how simply a layering polish can change the whole look of a polish. The general idea is to put a base which closely resembles the color of the jelly base of the layering polish. My pics don't do justice to any of the swatches. Hmm...maybe the chunky holo black is close..the shine keeps dancing around as you move your fingers. The holo Scarlett reminds me of many indian occasions I can carry this to. It is a sweet red, filled choc-a-block with shimmer. The holo chrome and Holo fuchsia are also quite nice. Although I wasn't very happy with my choice of base for Holo Fuchsia, the base was a muted pastel shade - a brighter creme would have suited better.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and help you choose the right colors if you plan to buy them. Please do comment on which ones you liked.

Also: does anybody know of a good/easy image editing software for my new Mac Air. Mr.Hubby recently gifted me one (yeaaaayyyy!!!! goes off to dance again!) and iPhoto doesn't  seem to like me. M struggling with my edits.

Till I see you next!! Ciao!


  1. Mac Air? Oooooh. Greattt, everybody should get a hubby like that:P

    and I love love holo black and holo chrome.I was waiting for you to swatch these before I..ummm...errr..robbed them off of their stock:D

  2. ok..I can never stop drooling at ur perfectly done nails !!

  3. Lovely Kleancolor polishes! I love all the different combos! I love the stamp over holo blue!

  4. Pretty!
    Specially Black and Fuchsia holo
    Holo Pink is nice too in its own subtle way.

  5. this looks really pretty!! and i love how you've used the stamp on your entire nail.. it is so difficult for me to do that :((

  6. Veryyyyyy nice post.....holo pink is very nice

  7. I am loving holo pink! Such a fun shade!

    K, could you link me to your ebay seller's profile? I'd love to check it out!

  8. the pinky one is shooo pwetty!

  9. woo i followed your blog, it's fab! :D please follow mine back! :D

  10. all of these nail colors/designs are awesome!

  11. Thank u all!! feels soo nice to read the comments!

  12. wow these are brillliiiiiant! want them!


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