Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stamping decals nail art: Advance stamping technique

I tried. It's been on my list for sooooo long to make stamping decals but the whole idea seems to be just quite long.

Here's my trial:

I m not too happy with this. It turned out crinkled and didn't seem to stick well. Yeah my nails kinda dried by the time I reached my ring finger. So I have a few edges poking out despite TC.

But on the positive I think the combo was nice. Don't you?

Have you tried decals? If so would you know why mine crinkled? Tell me.


  1. I haven't tried, it seems that this takes so long... I never really find the time, but I surely love the look! I also love your look, no idea why the crinkled but I don't see how you can't be super happy about them :)

  2. It looks great! I never tried it because I think is takes to much time to do it and of course it is quite hard too!


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