Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holi Nail Art: Neon Grunge Nail Art

Happy Holi!!

Holi is a color filled Indian festival where people put colored powder dry or mixed in water on each other and drench them in water. So the end effect is people so colourful that they are barely recognised. Also it has a mythical story of good winning over evil as most Indian festivals have.

I am just using this day as an excuse to paint my nails WILD!! 

I first saw this grunge nail technique on Chalkboard Nail by Sarah. And I was smitten by the effect on her nails. 

It hasn't come out so well in the pics I think but it's an eye catcher in real.

Base: an unbranded white polish
For the grunge effect I used: color bar neons and a black nail art polish with a stripper brush.

For the accent I stamped colorbar neons using BM 416 stamping in different directions for each polish. And topped it using a black white glitter topper.

Here's the mani before the topper.

Happy Holi! Play safe!
And Save Water!


  1. ooooh I LOVE your mani! so colorful and cool!

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