Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chic pink

Took a long break didn't I?
Although I haven't really gone anywhere I've just been lazy to post. 
Instagram seems quite convenient as compared to blogging and I see most bloggers happily taking to that. But as most of them I too still love my blog more so let's keep it alive.

Here's a mani I did a few months ago.

Base: Miss Claire A18 (that's the name they gave this pretty shade). It seems to have become my go to favourite for a bright pink.
Accent fingers: Maybelline All that Glitters from their glitter mania range.
Stamping plate: OB38 stamped with maybelline bold gold. 
The studs are from born pretty store.

Trying to finish my backlog of unposted manis here's one I did. But am not fond of it. Something about the combo put me off.

While I love the glitter top coat called Pride by 27 polish. Bought this a couple years ago from their etsy store. I think the  yellow stamping on grey base didn't turn out as I imagined.
Base: china glaze white out and recycle
Glitter top coat: Pride by twenty seven polish.
Stamping polish: konad yellow
Stamping plate: BM 201
All topped with SV.


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