Saturday, 24 May 2014

First impression: Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Polish

I got quite excited to see that Maybelline was finally launching some of their exciting range of polishes here in India. Although I had hoped I would be able to see their polka dot collection first but they released the glitter mania range. These are also knows as Sequins in US and UK. 

*warning: Rant Ahead* 
There has been no PR info from the brand on these other than some event they had held today for a few bloggers. Curiosity got the better of me and I headed to my fav shop in the neighbourhood knowing it was too soon for them to have it already... But they had!!! sometimes these PR people can be quite funny. They chase nail bloggers to review beauty products but won't contact a nail blogger for a nail polish release. Eeessssh!! Ok. rant over!

Here's my first impression of this range. There are 8 shades in this range. 
Gold, Silver, pinkish-red, lavender, champagne pink, periwinkle blue, dark purple, darker pink and a black with silver glitter.
These are not actual names of the shades. Remember there was no PR info.

I bought 2 of them. Champagne pink and  Bling on the Blue. 
(Pics without topcoat)

These are not textured polishes. They are densely packed with micro glitter and small silver hex glitter. So you will feel a gritty texture which can be smoothed out by a top coat. 
I have applied one medium coat and dabbed in a few places where the brush seemed to remove polish. The polish applies smooth but it seems to clump on the brush..hence need to dab a bit. It's slightly sheer and you can see the nail line in some pics. I think 2 coats would make it quite opaque.

Bling on Blue: is a periwinkle blue micro glitter with small silver hex glitter. 
Champagne Pink: it's a light pink micro glitter with small silver hex glitters.

Will update on the staying power when they start to chip.


Price: Rs.125/-

I think they are good at this price but I wish they had more shades in this range.
 Would have loved to see a pure ruby red and turquoise blue in this range.

Are you buying them?

*polishes purchased by me


  1. They seem nice. Do let us know if they are easy to take off, otherwise glitter nail polishes are a pain to take off.

  2. I was there at the launch today. There is a redbut no dark blue. All the colours are really lovely. No polish lasts on my nails for more than two days anyway so let's see Howe these fare :)

  3. Seems a good launch. I will.chk out the colors in one of my near by stores

  4. Even I was hoping for the polka dot collection! I cannot wait for them.

    Anyways, don't think over the PR - they are just plain stupids and do no hard work to find the bloggers I think. A nail blogger missing at a nail polish launch. LOL

    Anyways, keep up the good work :D


  5. Love it! Pretty colors!!! Wish I knew to paint my own nails.

  6. Love it!! New follower
    I've given you an award on my blog, I hope it gives pleasure ....

    Kisses, see you soon ^ _ ^


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