Friday, 14 March 2014

Lakme Fashion Week'14 and swatches of new polish collection


Couple of days ago I was able to attend the Lakme Fashion Week at Grand Hyatt. I was mostly keen to see the new collection of polish and of course the fashion shows.

They had a salon right there at the event where you could get a complete makeover by their artists and a nail bar as well.

I went there with a couple of my cousins and we had a great time taking selfies (like really loads!!!) and gawking at some of the celebs there.

This was the display of their newest collection "illusion". On the lines of a metallic theme.

Here's a swatch of the polishes on my cousins hand.
(Pinky to pointer: fantasy, ethereal, illusion and desire)

The polishes are quite sheer but had loads of shimmer. The shades weren't really interesting to me.

On the other hand I swatches their eye crayons and was quite impressed by them.

(From top to down: white, grey, Purple, Olive, Dark green (not too sure of this shade name), Copper (not too sure of this name either) and blue. There were a couple more that I saw later on an MUA's table, one in a light pink too.

They are very smooth awesomely pigmented and non smudging. But at 750/- a piece I am not running to buy them coz rimmel has them at 400/- I think. 

We attended 2 shows and some of them had really nice collection for the spring season. A couple of the new lot of young fashion designers focused on pastel hues which I think might be a hit this season and a refreshing change from the neons.

So it was a day well spent with loads of fun and laughter.

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