Friday, 6 July 2012

Hello Hello Kitty!!

Todays post is about as cute as cute can get!!
Hello Kitty!!
or as a niece calls it: Kitty Kitty!!

I got these decals to review from the born pretty store.
The best part about this nail art is its superrrr easyyyy and quick.

 Base: a Matt finish polish in bright pink (sandy finish)

They cost $4.73 and come with free shipping and one sheet has 11 different designs (see here). 
I got mine in a months time. The store has an awesome variety of nail and other make up stuff.
Just cut out the decals put them in water for about 10-20 secs..pull out the paper base. Now place them on a dry base polish and apply top coat.
Thats it you are ready to go!!
For my lovely readers BornPrettyStore has given me a discount coupon you can use till 9th Sept:


  1. Very pretty.....I love hello kitty...:)

  2. you know the sad part, gorgeous pinks like this one dont look good on me. :(
    do you have a whole collection of these sandy matts :P

    1. Yeah got a lot..this was in the lot that customs officer couldnt fathom :D

  3. Really cute. My daughter would be thrilled to have this Hello Kitty decals, she is a big fan! I will show her this mani, I am sure she will love it too!

  4. hey nice art.. its very pretty :)

  5. Hi Kejal, I love looking at your gorgeous nail photos. I'm sure you've got an enviable collection of nail polishes & I can't think of anyone better to ask this - Can you recommend a reasonably priced (less than 500)crackle nail polish and flakie/sparkle polish that can be bought in India (in stores or from Indian online shops)? I've been dying to try out crackle, but don't know what to buy. As for glitter, I have some already, but I always want more. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  6. I'm not really a cat lady but gotta say this one is purrrfect.... Meow

  7. I will show this to my niece too :D
    I love the base pink polish..
    wondering how pretty a gold or a blue would look from the same range.

    :) Good job KJ :)

  8. Wow, so cute. I love Hello Kitty.

  9. Hi Kejal,

    These water decals are very cute, I have been wanting to buy few things from born pretty. However, wasn't sure about the custom charges etc. Is it trouble getting the stuff shipped to India? & how long does it usually take?

  10. hi Kejal! please could you get back to me on the query i had posted few days back? Gotta buy some stuff from born pretty

    1. hi Sonal, Sorry I couldnt reply earlier. Been travelling a bit.
      I wud suggest u order small packages from BP. My last BP package reached me at mumbai in 15 days flat. Just dont order customs seem to have a liking to polishes and my one package got flicked.
      U can certainly go ahead and buy from BP its a fun site.


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