Monday, 30 July 2012

Yummy Candy Floss!!! Revlon Popular

Hello Hello!
Back at Monday aren't we?

Remember this song from Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Naa..
"Hai Muscular, Hai Popular..Spectacular!!"..except this polish is Just Spectacular!
Reminds me of candy floss that would be sold in a fairy land.
Fluffy, light pink sprinkled with silver magic coins! Have a look!!

I goofed up on the stamping. The previous night I was thinking I'll stamp a nice lacey design on this..and bang! next morning I picked up this new plate and made different butterflies.
*dunno why* Plus this was an untested plate and some butterflies squished out *sad*
Base: Revlon Popular
Stamping Plate: XL K
Stamping Polish: Konad Black

I love this polish!! Do you?


  1. i love it,simple yet pretty..color spr awesome..:)

  2. Very pretty..... Base color is gorgeous...:)

  3. Its sooo tempting that I feel like a fool for not using it yet...*runs off to change the polish*

  4. Revlon people did not wait for others to make it popular!
    I am still to fall in love with it.

    and do the lace design, would look so pretty on it!

  5. Gorgeous polish, wish it was mine ;-)

  6. That's such a pretty shade! I dunno why the revlon counters in my neighbourhood still seem to be stocking shades from the 90's I'd love some fresh shades like this :)

    1. its not jus ur neighbourhood. Its all of India! I wish they launch these kinda shades here so I dont spend sleepless nights trying to think of ways how to get my hands on one.

  7. I look at this one all the time and put it back. It's so pretty!!

  8. Yep, I still haven't gotten it for some weird unknown reason.

  9. I NEED this polish!

  10. Where did you get your hands on this? Definitely not in India

  11. oh i wannnnnt this . so beautiful :)

  12. Gorgeous. I first photograph is brilliant.

  13. oh my gosh..this is beautiful!

  14. The first picture is beautiful... love it :)


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