Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review of

I'd like to share something I recently brought from

Now if you are thinking why I am reviewing a website instead of polish, let me tell you I am not under the influence of ermmm ...anything. Nor are you cause you are reading correct.
I was approached by the site to review the site. Its a recently opened website in Indian online shopping scene which is now bursting with online stores.
While I was provided a discount coupon to shop for something to review, I was going through their site one evening thinking which polish I should choose or maybe I should choose some hand and cuticle cream as my cuticles had taken a beating after traveling around for a few days.

The site is pretty easy to navigate and well categorized. Has loads of categories of items to shop ranging from clothes, to shoes, to home stuff, jewelry/accessories, to bags and fragrances.

I couldnt decide and I thought maybe tomorrow will help me decide better.
Next day somehow all cosmetics and furniture items from the website had been taken off..much to my surprise I kept searching and finally asked the PR who told me they are "off" at the moment. No other reason was given. So around midnight I selected these Lotto slip ons and put my order through.
*at the time of publishing this review I can again see beauty/cosmetic items on the site* :-/

Now I am usually not that easy to impress especially by online websites. But one thing I was totally impressed with was the timing off the delivery. Had things gone their way they would have given me the parcel in 24 hours!!!!
I placed my order around midnight and got a confirmation call early next day morning. In the evening I got another call from their local delivery management guys saying that my package will land in mumbai at 10.30 pm and they were willing to deliver at my place by 11. I was impressed and shocked!! Impressed by the speed and handling of my order and shocked that they were willing to deliver even if though it was so late. So I politely told them I wouldnt want to wake other people sleeping in my house and I was happy to take it next day around 9am.
Next morning at 9 am, they promptly delivered my package and confirmed with me on phone that my package has reached me fine. So I signed for the package and expected the delivery guy to leave. He stood at my doorstep and said he would like me to open the package and check it. And he was willing to take it back if I was not happy about it. I am telling you I was quite impressed with this kind of service. I have read a few horrible stories about some websites not delivering for a couple of months and to say the least, some had broken articles. I received my package promptly and in good condition.

I hope everyone has such a good experience with

*as mentioned before I was provided a discount coupon to review this site, however the opinions are my own*


  1. I have used Jabong 4-5 times to shop and their delivery time is remarkable, many times they delivered within 24 hours pretty impressive stuff, you are right that they had taken down their Beauty section un-announced, but I m glad to hear its back up again :)

  2. great haul. Yeah, Jabong has really taken the speed of delivery very seriously and thats really good. Gotta be unique from all the different shopping websites coming up in India lol.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  3. lovely flipflops and jabong is doing a good job..:)

  4. Ive had a great experience with jabong .I ordered some fragile perfumes andd they reached in perfect condition.Your post has inspired me to try out their footwear collection now :)

  5. I was surprised to get my order on the evening.The order was packed very well and it was in a good condition.Jabong really has fast delivery.

  6. Very Very Beautiful slippers

    1. Beautiful slippers indeed. is it still in stock?

  7. Quite impressed with the delivery and service of

  8. Whereas most Indian Retailers and E-tailors try to cover-up their Delays, Mistakes and Poor Service, Jabong’s exceptionally Good Customer Service will reward it with loyal customers and long term relationships.

  9. My experience with janong,com was quite similar to other websites which was great and i like that. Seems like ecommerce websites in india are really getting matured!

  10. Slippers are really cool in looks

  11. The beauty section is a lifesaver. Stay at home and get all the skincare and cosmetics you need :)

  12. The flip flops look very nice and comfortable.Great buy.

  13. The flip flops look very nice and comfortable.Great buy.


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