Sunday, 26 June 2016

Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper Review

Most of last year I waited to lay my hands on some clear jelly stamper as it was touted to be one of the most revolutionary inventions of a stampaholic's life. Everyone went gaga over how logically simple solution this was for all the placement woes. I waited for long time as I didnt want to order a very expensive one and pay loads of shipping from big brands as most of my packages get stolen or lost in our postal system. And Born pretty store came to my rescue! They launched one of their own at a very affordable rate of $2.99. (link) (item # 24059)

This is how it looks with a translucent cylindrical body and diameter of around 2.8cms. They also have another variant in the purple handle. The stamper head is soft but not too squishy. and its really clear so you can see exactly where you want to place your design. 

I had a little trouble picking up the designs at first till a friend told me that I need to wash it with soap water. Thereafter it started working nicely. I somehow found that it tends to pick up better when I roll over the images and not when I stamp on it to pick up. I also found that its a little tricky to work with fast drying polishes like the Essence Stampy polish in black. It worked well with konad black and with other BPS stamping polishes. I am yet to try tihs with mdu stamping polishes. 
See below a few of the images I picked up using this stamper. 
It makes my life so much easy. No more issues of alignment or placement of images. You can exactly stamp as you want.

This is the mani I did using this stamper with the above image from BPL-028 Stamping plate.

Here are a few more images using this stamper:

here's another

This stamper comes with a translucent scraper (as below). Its handy if you want to carry it around but I find I am better used to scraping using an old plastic card.

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PS. Stamper sent for an honest unbiased review

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