Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Born Pretty Stamping Polish Preview: 14 & 22

Born Pretty is one of my go to stores for most things in nail. Prices are really reasonable and quality is nice. When they launched their own line of stamping polish I was very curious to try out some as the colours are bright and different from most konads I have. 

Thats the package BP kindly sent to me for review (opinions are unbiased and truthful)

First up today for review are their stamping polishes: #14 and #22

This purple shade is called #14 (item 22179; link). Its a very bright shade, shows up well on both dark and light backgrounds. See swatches above and below. The colour is very opaque and stamps well. The shade is purple leaning towards slightly pinkish.

Next up is #22 (item #23191)

This shade #22 (item 23191; link) is a very bright neon yellow. I love how nicely this stamps over both light and dark backgrounds. its quite opaque and stamps well. Its quite visible even on lighter shades and I am definitely going to be using this much more in my manis.

Both of these stamp well and are quite opaque. They pick up well in a stamper and are very vibrant shades. They sell for $4.99 for 15ml but sometimes you can get them at a good price during promotions.

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