Thursday, 16 June 2016

How I take my Macro Nail Pics

Isn't this gorgeous??!!

Its a macro pic of Krizia Merman (see full swatch below)

I recently got a new clip on lens on Aliexpress for around $5. Its not the all-in-one kind of a thing with different attachments. This one is just a macro lens that can be clipped on any phone. Its really very good and I am surprised by the pics coz my old faithful point-n-shoot camera cant get as close as this does. So how close does this go?

First up heres a few pics of the product:

The white part is the clip. Incased in it is the black rubber type case which holds the lens.

So you gotta put the lens in the white clip and clip it on your cell.

The back section (see above pic; where my pointer is) that will clip on to your cellphone, while the lens will go right in front of your camera.

Below is a half zoomed pic (as in zoomed in my camera not on computer/pic); the top most one of this post is where its fully zoomed in)

This is how that pretty polish looks like in real

So the deal with this is that you have to go realllly close with good lighting directly on your nails.
Like as close as 1cm or even less and make sure ur hands are steady and you dont let your shadow fall on  your nails. and go clicking!! 


  1. Great post kejal...I recently bought macro lens from amazon too. I explore it keeping in mind the pointers you mentioned


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