Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Germanikure Crystal Glass Nail File Review

GERmanikure is a family-owned business which produces the finest quality manicure products on the market. They approached me to try one of their products to see if I liked it.
So I went over to their site and I was impressed about how ethical they seem to be about genuinely making good quality products with least amount of pollution and wastage. 

 They claim: "Our crystal glass files are the highest quality, and ethically made by adult craftsmen in the Czech Republic. All of thier products are made to last a lifetime, with most products made in Solingen, Germany under ethical, non-polluting conditions. We never use plastic or cardboard packaging, as we are very landfill-conscious (our tools never need to be replaced). 

The files are crafted of 3mm thick authentic Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking. This special glass treatment not only enhances the clarity and sparkle of the glass, but also adds resiliency. While breakage is possible with all glass, dropping a GERmanikure crystal glass file from a short distance (such as counter height to floor) will, in most cases, not break the file. 

I for once am totally in-sync with their new campaign against child labour as I have seen some of this happen closely in India too. Every child needs a childhood. They need to grow up worry free and enjoy each day as it comes. But thats better said than done. Children are made to work in sweat shops with meagre wages that will barely give them a square meal a day! GERmanikure sent me this crystal glass nail file in support of that campaign. They contribute a portion of all sales to give back to families victimized by child labor in Pakistan and Vietnam.

It comes in a neat leather bound case that secures the glass file from breaking and cracking. Leather is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The crystal glass file is approx 5.5" in length and approx 3mm thick. The surface is chemically etched and they claim that this will not wear off. 
So far I've used it to file all my 10 nails and I havent seen the bald patches that you see in cheaper imitations where the surface wears off. Its easy to hold and use. Thick enough to give you a good grip when filing away. Also I have a habit of filing my nails back and fro unlike how people recommend that you should only file i a single direction.
Well! there's no problem here as GERmanikure states that these can be used both ways without causing microscopic frayed edges that eventually lead to a tear or a split. I am very pleased to say that this holds true for me. You can also use them on wet and dry nails.

Now to see how fast it files? It does the job fairly fast and really efficiently! All 10 nails were filed off in around 10 mins to make the edges smooth and well rounded.

These files cost around $11 each and its a bit pricey for a nail file but if they last as long as GERmanikure claims (forever! coz they don't wear off and don't break easy, unless you are really clumsy) then all you need is this one file! and you pass it on as your legacy! 

I love the quirky messages they imprint on the files.. go check them here (link)

GERmanikure products are available now through an exclusive online retailer (www.zamberg.com)

(ps: this was sent for for an honest unbiased review)

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