Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Holo Flowers: Born Pretty Stamping Polish #14 review

Today I am reviewing another stamping polish from the born pretty store.

This one is # 14 (item #22179 link)
Its a very bright pink shade leaning towards purple..and looks almost neon-nish. It stamps very nicely on both light and dark shades.  Easy to pick up and stamp too.
I wanted to try a very different combination to see how it would show up on a lighter base and this mani turned out better than I expected. The base shines through well and the stamping is crisp enough to make out a lacey design.

Base: Color club Cosmic Fate
Stamping plate: BPL-030
Stamping polish: Born Pretty Stamping Polish #14
Topped with HKgirl

 Lastly a swatch of CC Cosmic fate

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  1. This stamping looks cool. I just made something like this with the help of http://nailartstyle.com/top-35-crazy-nail-designs . It helped to make a coloful nail design and there are a lot of tutorials. Have you done something before?


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