Saturday, 29 July 2017

Water Marble Nail Art

Yasssss! I finally conquered my nemesis! Its the real deal and not a dry marble attempt or a stamping plate duping. I cant stop looking at how beautiful and vibrant my nemesis looks! haha! I just wanted to keep on making a mess this day to create a perfect water marble with the endless colourful loops and all but had to eventually settle for this!

Base: Chambor 510 White (gel effect)
Water marbled with Juice polish nos 68, 71, 82
All topped with ChG Fairy Dust!

I must tell you that if you are in India you should get some juice polishes on your hands. they are priced around Rs.40-60/- and most of them marble well. I just have a total of 4 with me and I am yet to try out the matte effect ones. But I can sincerely tell you that while my polishes were packed away for the length of my house renovation, most of them had settled and needed to be vigorously shaken; these juice polishes were the only ones which hadnt settled! They are available in local beauty shops so go grab a few and make ur beautiful mess.

Hav fun ogling at the macros!
M still so excited over this!

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  1. Wow all the colour on your nail art vivid and pretty.


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