Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Knocked Up nails : Coral Cutie swatch

Recently when just aimlessly surfing about I came across this brand of nail polish that is safe for use during pregnancy. I was quite intrigued since I had refrained from using polish during pregnancy. So I wrote to them and they sent me a bunch for review. 
Knocked Up Nails (link) is 5-free maternity safe nail polish formula does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (dbp) or camphor. It also does not contain triphenyl phosphate (tphp). They are long-lasting and chip resistant.

There are really very few brands in the market that are 5 free and cater to people who are chemically averse. People using cosmetics and polishes need to know in order to a choice suitable to them.
This issue tends to get importance when the risk is unknown for example: how much does it effect an unborn child when the mother uses these chemicals? how much is safe?

These are some of the few questions that plagued me when I was pregnant. I would have felt much at ease using nail polish during those nine months had I known about these 5 free options and got easy access to them. 

In India there is virtually no awareness of this concept unless one is a nail geek and reads up a lot of nail and beauty blogs. None of the commercial brands here give the option of using a safer alternative to chemical laden polishes and cosmetics.

Base: Knocked up nails Coral Cutie

This shade is called Coral Cutie, it's a very bright pink-coral shade in glossy creme finish. I am pleasantly surprised to say that it lasted on my nails almost 6-7 days without chipping. 
It doesnt have a strong smell either. Most polish tends to chip on me after 3 days of wear. 
Quite impressive.

Each polish is 15 ml/0.5oz and retails for $10.
Knocked up nails (link) is not only safe for pregnant women but also safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients and children.

*polish sent for an honest review

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