Monday, 24 July 2017

Metallic nails with Milv

Rarely do I take the pains to edit more than one pic of a mani these days. I am just trying to cut down a bit of the boring work which in turn puts me off completely from making any post at all. But this one I couldn't resist! This milv decal is just gorgeous! Now I wish I had selected more of metallic decals from them. 

Base: Knocked Up nails Fierce, Fabulous Female
Accent: Milv decal F-79 (in silver)

They are an absolute breeze to use. Super Easy. 
Just dip in water, peel of the back, place them and file them form the free edge.
I thought they would wrinkle up or shrink once I apply top coat, but to my surprise they did not at all.
They are also an easy peasy way to spruce up your mani in a jiffy. It took me literally 5 mins to put the decals on 3 nails. The best part is that a clean up brush dipped in acetone just cuts right through these decals and melts them away very neatly. So no jagged edges or corners popping up at all.

Its quite simple almost like putting a sticker but the end result is much more pretty.
They are reasonable for around $2. I could get one use from one sheet for both hands.


  1. Aw, I need such metallic decals in my life. I think they look very cool on you!

  2. incredibly pretty, simply love the colours you used! :)


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