Monday, 17 July 2017

Tangle Triangles

I have almost finished my lot of unposted manis, barring a few swatches.
Will try and catch up now on a few review packages still left.
This one turned out quite nice me thinks.

Base: Essie Lounge Lover (coral) , Essence Gossip Girl (lavender)
Stamping Plate: BP L040 (#34589 link)
Accent: Twinkled T spiral nail vinyls sponged with Krizia Purple Haze
Stamping Polish: Mdu nabu
Here are some other designs on this plate:

I really like this stamping plate from Born Pretty #34589 with geometric full nail designs in diamond and triangle shapes. They show off the base colour and yet give the nail a full designed look.
This plate retails for $2.59 but one can get this cheaper during their discount promotions.
I had no trouble picking up the images from this plate even during very humid conditions in the monsoon season here. 


  1. Loved it kej.. specially the color combination it's shows up well..

  2. I always loved geometrical patterns on nails and your mani looks cool like this!

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