Saturday, 22 July 2017

Born Pretty Silicone Mat Review

Sometime ago the lovely people at Born Pretty store sent me this silicone mat (link; #34556) for review and it just the thing I needed!! This mat is so versatile and easy to use. And it also serves as a base to protect your work surface from all kinds of polish and acetone spills.

This mat is the large version at approx 28x21cm.
It has both light and dark areas so its very convenient to make decals with all kinds of shades
There are printed swatch places and circles along with a small ruler measurement to make bigger decals or customized decals. It comes with a cardboard box for storage which is very useful and keeps the dust off your mat.

I used the mat for the first time to make a drag marble decal as water marble is still something I am unable to produce. After using this mat to make drag marble decals I was quite pleased to say that the results turned out quite well. Almost as good as a water marble manicure.

Base: Knocked Up nails French Pink and Fierce Fabulous female
Born Pretty Mat used to make drag marble decals.

I cant wait to play around more with this mat!
It retails for approx $7 (link; #34556) and is completely reasonable when compared to some other pricey mats in the market. Also the plus point for this mat is the underside of the mat has a rubbery surface which sticks to your working surface so the mat doesnt slide anywhere.

A silicone mat is certainly a must have for any nail art enthusiast and Born Pretty store mat certainly lives up to my expectations.

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