Thursday, 27 September 2012

Revlon Peachy+ Patterned Nail Art

Off late we have been seeing some new range of polishes in India! Hopefully companies in India are paying attention to our polish needs! (Now can OPI/ChG/SH launched their own brands here instead of giving old polish collections them to retailers)!!

Anyways....First colorbar launched a whole big range of their pro polishes and added new (and neon) ones to their existing range. Then Lakme came out with the fast and fabulous range of polishes. Colorama introduced some new shades. L'oreal came out with the Color Riche Le Vernis. This year has been very nice in terms of new polish launches.
 Now we have Revlon, out with the TOP Speed and Scented polishes.

These were launched in US/UK sometime last year. I am still miffed by we get stuff so late!
The range has some really pretty polishes and jellies or so I've heard.
I couldnt stop ogling at the pastels!!! Mint green, lilac, pink! The range contains a mix of cremes, jellies, shimmers and a couple of metallics. Next I need to get my hands on a couple of jellies!!

On my hand today is the Revlon's Peachy from the Top Speed range. It looks like a peachy-pastel orange bordering on neon. Its not really neon, but more like a bright milky orange. 
Dried  pretty fast in 2-3 mins. Brush is decent and offers smooth application.
Nice smooth creme finish, not very streaky, completely opaque in 2 coats. 

What Revlon Claims:
Patented fast dry formula with built-in top coat for a glossy, ultra smooth manicure with strengthening power
Fast Dry formula provides a salon quality application that sets in just 60 seconds
Revolutionary Brush Color Precise Brush with 640 count triangular bristles is engineered to work seamlessly with one coat   that gives a smooth and even salon quality application
Gentle on nails – formaldehyde free, toluene free

Lasted more more than 4 days.
Stamping Plate: BM214
Stamping Colour: Konad Black and White

I smudged the black print a bit :-/

I really like the new range of polishes! Cant wait to try the scented polishes next.
Hope u liked the nail art. Stay tuned for more.

P.S: The winner of my Hello Kitty Nail Plate is Shourima Ghosh! Shourima contact me!

*This polish reviewed by me has been bought with my own hard earned money or  maybe husbands'! :p


  1. loved it! me too getting some from revlon now!

  2. Beautiful mani!

  3. wow this is truly peachy shade... luv d mani.. i hope v gt all those cheeky brands in india :)

  4. I have one scented polish. But I need some of those new jellies. and I am miffed that there are so many mint polishes suddenly and but there werenone when I wanted so badly.Unfair :P

    1. yeah! I saw mint polish and I was thinkin of u! did u buy any other mints?

  5. Shourima!! Please share some goodies with me now!!

  6. Love the color and the stamping too...uff, now I want this polish, help I am addicted! :)

    1. :D they have some really nice shades
      Welcome to nail polish addicts anonymous! :D

  7. Pwettyyy!! Looks ultimate wala cool :) :)

    i have i want d jellies!! Phasshht!

  8. Lovely mani :) I'm glad I visited your blog!loved it!following you ;)


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