Monday, 10 September 2012

Sponging Nail Art: Using Lakme: Autumn Trend

Whew! For some strange reason google blocked my account yesterday! :O
Yes that can happen. I am not sure why but I had looged in using my hubby's pc and logged out. Again after half an hour I logged in using my pc and I got error saying my account is blocked due to some unusual activity. My only guess is google probably registered a change in IP address. So it blocked my account. Google please note that I log using whatever is at hand. My pc, His pc, My cell, His cell(s), mom's pc when I visit her..its a long list.  Please do not keep blocking for this. I had a mini heart attack yesterday when I couldnt see my blog.

*rant over* Coming on todays mani..

Sometimes I get these sudden strong urges to do sponging. And then I keep thinking about it all day and realize I just have to do it to get it out of my mind. 

I decided to use an unused polish I had. Lakme Crimson Fire from the fast and fabulous range.
Its a true blue red. to read my review of these Fast and Fabulous polishes click here.

I sponged using Lakme Fast and Fabulous' Popping Pink at the nail base and OPI's Funkey Dunkey at the tips. Now Popping pink blendsreally nicely into Crimson Fire. If you look closely you can see a distinct pink hue at the nail base but its very difficult to make out where it starts and where it ends.
Applied SV for top coat. 
Stamped it using: A Miss Claire Gold Polish
Stamping Plate: XL K

SV bubbled a bit :-/ But overall it was a very pleasant mani.
Instantly brightens up your hand. 

If possible do leave a comment on how you like this. I know its not possible to comment on every blog you follow and every post you see. Maybe you could make my day today :)

Have a good week ahead!


  1. This mani is really gorgeous I'm tempted to try it out now.
    I can imagine what a scare you wud hv had when u saw ur account was blocked..problem with blogger is Google owns owns your blog and they can shut it down anytime they want :/ yup it's scary and makes me want to move to WP

    1. Thanks pooja! U shud try out sponging..its waay easy.
      I seriously had an anxiety attack!!!!

  2. hey Kej.. thrs an option in google where u can add the gadgets ur frequently using that way it wont block u even if u log in log out multiple times from various sources :)

    btw love the color combo :)

  3. I love that gold-sunshine dotted one!

    Please visit my blog, nail lovers♥
    I'm new, and hope we can share more!

  4. same pinch .. this is looking beautiful.. :)

  5. Wow this looks great, purple and red go great together in a gradiënt apparently.

    1. they do..even I was skeptical of the combo..but it turned out well

  6. I love this...even without d gold...just the simple sponging thing looks so amazing..


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