Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekend Haul!!!

This is my weekend haul!! I thought I should pick up some new make up stuff so went to Beauty Center (Mumbai). Surprise-surprise (actually Shock-Shock!!) that I did not buy a single nail paint!!!!
Psst: The Canadian Haul (exclusively only NPs) that my parents got me is coming up soon!!!! :D
I am not such a big make-up person, but seeing so many blogs and learning from them has got me a bit interested about it. But this haul is all you get to see. You'll still be seeing only nails on this blog.

Here's the addition to my stash:

From Maybelline: Gel eyeliner, Colossal Mascara, Eye & Lip Make up remover, Grey eye pencil.
Miss Claire no 11 eye shadow palette, Ivory Nail wheel (for practice), Vega smudging brush
Eye lash curler, 2 sheet masks, Colorbar Lip pot in Toffee tango
Dove conditioner
Miss Claire palette 11
I got this vanity box free with all the Maybelline stuff!!
Also bought a few nail art stickers off Ebay India.

I almost through with my canadian haul post that my mom and dad got for me!
Cant wait to post that! C ya soon!


  1. Awesome haul Kej! m eagerly awaiting the Canada haul too! :)

  2. Great Haul.....i like all the stuff.

  3. Those purple flower stickers are beautiful!

  4. Cool haul Kejal :) and I love that Maybelline makeup wantssssss!!


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